19 December 2011

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Most Wanted Christmas Gifts for Geeks in Your Life

The gift giving holiday season is fast approaching and with that comes the infamous most wanted gifts of the year. In 2010 the most wanted gifts range from electronics to cellular phones. There are three gifts, however, that top nearly everyone's list.
Before running out to the sales are starting the holiday online shopping there are a few things that every shopper should know about each of the amazing top five gifts of the year.

The Playstation Move

This is one of the most anticipated gaming console devices since the Wii Fit. The Playstation Move is designed to work with the Playstation 3 console device and is the latest in a line of interactive devices for gaming. The Move is offered in bundle packages that include the Move controller, Playstation Eye Camera, and a sports game for ready to play use right out of the box.

The Move also offers several accessory options to make this top gift even better. The accessories offered include shooting attachments, charging bases, and special navigation controllers. The Move is priced at under $100 and can be purchased online or through most electronic and gaming stores.

The Motorola DROID

This gift is action packed for the cellular or gadget enthusiast on everyone's gift list. This phone allows the user to check their email, surf online, and even watch streaming video. It comes equipped with a 1ghz processor and 8GB of internal memory to combine speed with application usage.

The camera on the Droid offers one of the highest quality mega-pixel images on a cell phone with 8mp image quality. The screen has over three inches of viewable space. In addition to that the Droid offers Bluetooth capability, WiFi capable, mobile broadband access which combine with the other features to make this phone an all in one entertainment and office mega-center. Prices range from $199 and up and offer full package bundles at most carriers.

The Amazon Kindle

The Kindle has been on most wanted gift lists since it first arrived on the scene. This powerful reader now comes in the standard option and in the WiFi capable option which allows purchase and download capabilities from any location.

The Kindle offers readers a vast array of books that span outside of the Amazon site and into other downloadable content sites making the Kindle even more versatile. This reader offers a 3G system with six inch display screen in a smaller and more compact version for 2010.

The latest edition, the DX, offers an even larger viewable screen at nine inches. Books can be downloaded directly to the Kindle and offer reading possibilities within minutes. Prices range from $199 to $400 depending on the Kindle model.

With these three amazing gifts there is an incredible option for every taste. These gadgets are sure to make a hit with any holiday gift lover.

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