6 December 2011

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My Cartoon Heroes

Cartoons That Make Me Feel Worthless
Remember those days watching cartoons on Saturday mornings? Sometimes the One Saturday Morning theme song still gets stuck in my head. Well, the point is, I grew up watching these Saturday morning cartoons as I'm sure many of you did. However, you know what the problem was? Although I loved these cartoons to death, they made me feel completely worthless. Their lives were constantly filled with fun and drama, while mine was filled with schoolwork and chores. The best I could do was live my life through them.

Hey Arnold
Alright, I know that no one with a head shaped like a football could actually exist, but the kids on that show did so much cool stuff! How did they get away with wandering around town without their parents? I could barely go over to the neighbors without my mother keeping an eye on me. Also, the Hey Arnold kids were always finding random strangers to talk to. Seriously, those kids were all about playing in the street and finding fun things to do, while I was inside probably watching it on TV.

Rocket Power
Ok, is it even possible for children that young to be so good at skating and surfing? While Otto and Reggie were out at the skate park, I was probably sleeping or pacing around the house exclaiming, "Mom I'm bored!" Seriously, those kids on Rocket Power had more guts than I do as a twenty-year old. Rocket Power was such a great show. Reggie was, and still is, my hero because she was the coolest girl on cartoon television. I knew at that point that I was just worthless and would never be as cool as them. I gave up trying to skate when I was thirteen. Those kids won't ever give it up.

Ok, I don't know about you guys, but my recesses never looked like the ones on this show. I was amazed at everything those kids could get done in one fifteen minute period. I was jealous. It seemed that by the time we all made it out onto the playground recess was already half over. What kind of playground did those kids have anyway? There was a clubhouse made of old dirty tires and a bunch of savage kindergarteners over the fence. TJ, Gretchen, Mikey, and the rest of the gang never failed to make a recess fun. They hated the indoors. Me? I love just hanging out inside.

Phineas and Ferb
This is a newer cartoon that I still watch because, well, it's ingenious. Phineas and Ferb is about two brothers and what they do during their summer vacation. The things they did consisted of building rockets and roller coasters, they went back in time and invented new things. One summer, and it may or not have been last summer, my friend and I made up a list of Phineas and Ferb type things to do. The craziest thing we did all summer was jump in the pool in our pajamas. Our clothes were soaked and we smelled like chlorine. I would prefer to spend my summers inside reading a nice, long book.

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