28 December 2011

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UK: A Guide to 'Sing-a-Long' Musicals

London, England: Prince Edward Theatre at night
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This is a short guide to 'Sing-a-long' Musicals in London's West End. If you enjoy a good 'Sing-a-long' musical then these are the names to seek out! If you are traveling, the musical theatre is an amazing thing to take in, while you stay in London town. They are equally great, if you reside near or in London locally. So many are the reasons to attend the live London theatre.

These are some sound suggestions, if you are not familiar with the London West End scene. These are both for the seasoned theatre goer and the uninitiated audience member. If you enjoy a good 'Sing-a-long' musical, all of these are recommended.

The Stars of 2011
2011 was dazzling for the stage theatre in London. A short recap for those who missed last year, but still might want to catch these. During 2011, London's West End had great runs of shows like The Jersey Boys, The Lion King and Shrek the musical. Each is rerunning during the year somewhere in the London East End. The 2011 season was something of magic, but so are the productions for the coming 2012 seasons as well.

What 2012 Holds
Here are some of the offerings for 2012. There is nothing like seeing a production live on the London stage and 2012 promises to be a year of powerful performances. Tried, true and successful productions of Mamma Mia, Thriller-Live, Singing In The Rain have been keeping the 2012 season alive. If you are looking for a show that is seasoned and fun for an evening, these are the shows to see. Mamma Mia has Abba's flair from Europe. Thriller-Live has Michael Jackson's legacy on stage for all. Singing in the Rain brings the American classic movie to life on stage. 2012 is riding high on the hit productions as they stand.

Still remakes of the Wizard of Oz, Ghost the Musical and Legally Blonde that seem to be drawing the crowds. Each is growing in following and are viable alternatives to the standard theatre hits this year. Interesting new editions of the Nutcracker, the Snowqueen and Cinderella are also doing well with audiences. If you are looking for something more traditional and less American, these might be your productions of choice.

This is only a short guide to 'Sing-a-long' Musicals in London's West End is not complete. There are many shows annually, all throughout the year. If you are traveling, you should check ahead for what is in production in the London theatre this season. If you are living in or close to London, then there is no excuse for missing these great shows, while they last. 2012 is sure to be a great year for 'Sing-a-long' Musicals in London's West End.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson (Image via RottenTomatoes.com)
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