8 December 2011

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Unique Gifts for Christmas

We're all so used to the usual Christmas presents like DVDs, gift vouchers, books and electronic gadgets. Sometimes it's really tricky to find a nice Christmas gift that's actually Christmassy to go with the season itself!

Some wonderful ideas for more inventive and imaginative gifts are:
  • Homemade cookies in Christmas shapes like snowflakes, decorated with colourful icing. Wrap them in some pretty celophane with gorgeous Christmas ribbon to finish. Effort is certainly required here, but is a lovely gesture and mean you don't have to spend a fortune.
  • Hampers packed with goodies for the Christmas season like Christmas pudding, cakes, biscuits and chutneys. This can be quite an expensive option, but the hamper itself is a great thing for the recipient to keep hold of for many years to come. Someone I know uses hers to keep magazines and newspapers in.
  • Personalised Christmas baubles make a lovely gift that can be brought out year after year for the Christmas tree. You can get some beautiful ones which could celebrate a particularly special Christmas - for example your first Christmas with a partner or in your new home, or a baby's first Christmas.
  • Artwork or wall decor can also be a really nice, unique gift but can be tricky, as you need to know the recipient well enough to know what their tastes are. Look out for the kind of colour schemes they use around their house to give you an idea of what to buy, and what kind of decor they already have.
  • Pretty ornaments which have a special meaning to the recipient. Ornaments can take a key pride of place in a living room or bedroom, so your gift will never be forgotten, and will be cherished over the years. Willow Tree are a perfect example, and Snowbabies ornaments.
Snowbabies ornaments depict charming and heartwarming scenes. The Snowbabies are delightful little characters, getting up to mischief in fun-filled snow scenes and themes. This makes them an absolute must for Christmas, and really captures special moments in the Christmas season. Snowbabies ornaments are also very collectable, so you may find it becomes a regular gift!

Willow Tree figurines also depict heart-warming scenes, but are more emotional in many ways. Many of these elegant figurines depict family life - being together, playing or embracing. There are so many to choose from, you're bound to find an ornament that really speaks to you louder than the others in the Willow Tree figurine collection.

These are just some of the original kind of gifts you can give, to make this Christmas more special.

About Today's Contributor:
Present Days is a gift shop in northern England which has been trading since 2001. They pride themselves on offering a unique range of gifts from pocket money treats to collectables.

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