19 February 2012

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Eight Beloved Sentient Cars

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Personification is one of the greatest tools for creativity in producing movies and television shows. The personification of electronics and cars has been repeated in various ways with some modern sentient car names and some nostalgic ones as well. Here are eight of the most memorable sentient cars to have graced the large and small screens:

1. My Mother the Car

This 1960s TV series gave a new spin to the idea of reincarnation. The main character of the show is an attorney named David Crabtree whose mom is reincarnated into a 1928 Porter. The show did not fare well, however. It was cancelled after a single season thanks to poor ratings and soon became a popular contender for the worst TV show of all time.


KITT is the acronym for Knight Industries Two Thousand, the sapient companion to ‘Knight Rider’ protagonist Michael Knight. The show originally aired in the 1980s, and a follow up – called Knight Industries Three Thousand – hit TV in the 2000s.

3. Christine

Christine is the story of a self-aware automobile gone bad, based on a story by Stephen King. The car is convinced that murdering human beings is the best way to protest the lack of freedom amongst automobiles. Christine herself is a 1958 Plymouth Fury.

4. The Cast of the Cars Movies

As one of the most well received animated kids’ films of the 2000s, Cars has many memorable sentient car characters that made the movie a hit. An array of stars (including Owen Wilson and the late, great George Carlin) lend their voices to the eponymous cars.

5. Optimus Prime

Transformers is one of the coolest car movies of all times with vehicles that transform into sentient robots that can think for themselves. Optimus Prime is a key character in the story and is a 997 Peterbilt Model-379 Extended Hood truck.

6. Herbie the Love Bug

Herbie the Love Bug is a different kind of Volkswagen beetle – instead of encouraging punches at the sight of him, Herbie is a daring personality that loves to race.

7. Speed Buggy

Speedy the speed buggy was a cartoon show known for trademark quotes like “vroom-a-zoom-zoom.”

8. Bennie the Cab

Who framed Roger Rabbit has many of outlandish characters including a sentient cab. Bennie the Cab was an expert of navigating the streets of LA and came through during the movie several times.

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