1 February 2012

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Tips on How You Can Build a Racing Lawnmower

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For people who are looking for something new, fun and interesting to do, why not learn how to build a racing lawnmower. With this kind of skill, they can try to engage in such a worthwhile activity that promises endless fun and excitement. More importantly, it is very easy to do and requires only a few materials to accomplish.

Materials Needed
For those who wish to know how to build a racing lawnmower, they need to have the right tools and materials for the job. Of course, they need to bring a regular lawnmower as the primary material. New tires and a new muffler can significantly enhance the overall performance of the machine. Bring in a couple of wrenches. Likewise, small pulleys also play a crucial part in this project.

  • To improve the condition of your mower, try to change the pulley. Replace original parts with smaller varieties. Turn the mower upside down and then use the wrench to remove the dry belt from the pulley. Select the right wrench for the job depending on the size of the bolts. Before installing the new pulley, determine if the current dry belt is still good to go. If not, get a new one and install it together with the new pulley. Bolt them tightly into the machine.
  • Soon after this all-important step, try to look at the mower's muffler. After longer periods, holes and corrosion tend to develop on it. To make the machine run faster than usual, try replacing its muffler as well. This step is optional but it can greatly affect the overall performance of your machine.
  • Inside the carburetor, look for the governors. Remove the one connecting to the throttle feed. Making this move can give the mower added power, which is a very important factor and key aspect in winning races.
  • After this, try improving the condition of your tires. Put in sufficient air pressure in each one of them. To make the mower move faster than usual, use bigger back wheels. On the other hand, make the front tires a bit smaller than the default wheels. Look for wheels with ruts, which run very good even when there are mud and dirt.
  • Customize your mower carefully in accordance to the rules and guidelines of the event. Be sure to follow every rule in order to avoid disqualification. For example, some races allow mowing decks while others do not.

Additional Tips and Other Relevant Information
  • Putting some decorations and paint to your mower can boost your performance. 
  • Adding a number is also a very good thing to differentiate a mower from its opponents. 
  • More importantly, never race without wearing the proper clothes for the event. 
  • Be sure to wear helmets, gloves and goggles at all times while racing.

For more information on building a racing lawnmower, read How To Make a Racing Lawnmower and How To Build a Racing Lawnmower.

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