29 March 2012

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MW3: The Most Popular Game Release in History [Infographic]

This amazing infographic is a must-read for any Call of Duty fan. Looking at the rapid speed in which the game rocketed to the top of gaming charts worldwide, the infographic examines just which records the game set and just how it managed to achieve such high levels of publicity and success within days of its release. As any fan will know, the game is known for its awesome graphic and truly immersive nature – really throwing its gamer into the virtual world they create. This high quality gaming experience is what has drawn fans in worldwide and what has kept the cult fan base going strong. Originally, not many people thought it was possible for the newest title Modern Warfare 3 to out-do its predecessors – but it proved everyone wrong and is now the record breaking title and the most popular in the entire franchise. Read on to discover just how it achieved that title!

(You can also see this infographic in all its glory on g4TV...)

About today's Infographic:
This infographic has been produced by www.broadbandchoices.co.uk/

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