26 April 2012

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How To Survive a Nuclear Holocaust [Infographic]

A nuclear holocaust can be a challenging for many single moms and family-makers. While it can be challenging to plan in advance for a nuclear holocaust, there are several simple things that can turn the end of humanity into an enjoyable event for one's family.

It's a good idea to fabricate a bomb shelter before a nuclear holocaust. While a full-featured nuclear bomb shelter with life support systems can cost millions of dollars, it's a good investment for many families. Many nuclear bomb shelter companies offer financing plans to help split the cost of installation over a few months.

In some cases, nuclear fallout will require one's family to live underground for hundreds of years. Since this is longer than the average human lifespan, survivors must reproduce underground. To avoid incest, it's essential to invite non-relatives into one's shelter. This will help ensure that humanity can survive into the future.

Survive a Nuclear Holocaust

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