28 April 2012

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The ultimate Guide to James Bond Vehicles [Infographic]

Its 50th anniversary time for James Bond come this October. The time is perfect to go through several vehicles used by Bond all through his journey extraordinaire. Most of these vehicles had important roles to play in his adventures. While some of these vehicles were used by Bond himself, others were used by villains. Interestingly, James Bond used cars of different models including Bentley, Lotus, SAAB, Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, and Alfa Romeo. However, the choice of Ian Fleming, James Bond creator, was a model of Bentley that didn’t exist in reality. Interestingly, none of the vehicles used in the Bond’s movies contained gadgets that were used in the movie itself! One of the earliest vehicles to have been used in James Bond movies was a “Dragon tank” that is well remembered by viewers for spewing fires on hapless people. “Chevrolet Bel Air” was the first car to have driven in a James Bond Movie. Other prominent vehicles to have been used in the earliest films include Aston Martin DB3 and Bentley Mark IV. Some of the popular vehicles to have been used in the 70s include Ford Custom 500, Honda ATV, and Mercedes-Benz W115. The films in the 80s saw vehicles like Lotus Espirit Turbo, Ford LTD, etc. The vehicles used in the 90s included BMW Z8, BMW R1200 motorcycle. Some of the recently used vehicles in Bond movies were Aston Martin DB3, Ford Mondeo and Volvo S40T5. 

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