12 May 2012

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X-Ray Vision for Cell Phones Could Settle the “Hulk vs. Superman” Fight

Most of us spend a significant proportion of the allocated 24 hours that we have in a day, mulling over the real meaningful questions in life. Like for example, who’d win in a fight between The Hulk and Superman? And of course since the importance of finding out the ‘correct’ answer to the question knows no bounds, we have relentless discussions with other connoisseurs until we reach consensus. That, as we all are aware of, almost never happens. As comic book buffs we are inherently biased and always want our favorite superhero to come out on top in every single one of these parallel universe fights; or else we would dutifully throw the toys out of the pram. Mobile spy is the closest we’ve come to personally experiencing any quasi superpower; however, the X-Ray vision is set to change all that…

Frequently asked question
Comic book statisticians – and by that we mean blokes who have way too much time to spare – have revealed that “The Hulk vs. Superman” tops the chart in terms of the most frequently contested imaginary superhero combats. Hence, settling this particular dispute has become a life-defining question for some of us. Now, since none of us would ever personally experience the superpowers – although we’d love to believe that we would – that these superheroes flaunt all the time, it has always been a question of one opinion stacked against the other. Thankfully, Kenneth O, PhD, professor of electrical engineering – and not really a comic book fanatic from what we’ve learnt – at University of Texas, has come up with the solution that would once and for all settle the fight between The Hulk and Superman, conclusively.

X-Ray vision for cell phone cameras
Dr Kenneth and his crew have designed a chip that allows mobile phone cameras to spy into adjacent rooms by seeing through walls. These “mobile spy” cameras would allow us to see through wood, plastic, paper and yes, the human body as well. Dr Kenneth has basically taken a nosedive into the electromagnetic spectrum and conjured up something that involves one of its unused ranges and links it with the terahertz band of the spectrum. And while it does give privacy a good old pounding, it gives our lot the decisive brain fodder.

Through this technological marvel, ladies and gentlemen, we’d get the feel of X-Ray vision through our cell phone cameras and we’d be walking in the footsteps of some of the most renowned fictional characters. Some of these include, Ralph Hinkley, Ray from Buster, Luxray, “Mad-Eye” Moody and oh yes, the man himself Superman!

The clincher
How do you decide who’s stronger between one who sneezed to destroy a galaxy and the other who destroyed a meteor twice the size of earth with a single punch? Superman has the ‘sun’ card, The Hulk has the collective rage of 12368 billion mother-in-laws; Superman has the flight and speed and The Hulk has the healing factor – you just couldn’t separate the two of them.

While the aforementioned characteristics, and a myriad of others, seem to more or less even things out, Superman’s X-Ray vision could just be the clincher. Once we get hold of these X-Ray vision cell phones, we – the comic book community – would be as close to personally experiencing that particular ‘superpower’ as possible,  and hence, we’d be in a much position to gauge Superman’s lead – or lack thereof – over The Hulk.

The researchers are putting a 4-inch limit to the distance of penetration through the camera, for obvious privacy reasons. However, even that distance should suffice in monitoring the required effect and settle the question that for ages has split humanity to two distinct – and yet equally inhabited – pools.    

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