8 June 2012

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Christine - The Most Evil Car Ever Made

Christine sends chills down everybody’s spine.  Even if you have never read anything by Stephen King or even seen the Christine movie, you will know that this car is the embodiment of all evil.  If you are a Stephen King lover, you know that things never end well.  But why is Christine so evil?  What could’ve possible been behind the thinking of Stephen King, other than the mastermind of a horror genius?

Christine’s Psychology
Stephen King is a true master and he will always leave you guessing as to the true nature of what has happened.  Some people read the story and firmly believe that Christine is possessed by the spirit of her deceased first owner.  After all, the next owner slowly but surely starts to be more and more like him.  Others believe that Christine simply is inherently evil, that she was in essence “born” that way and that she is responsible for the killing of her first owner as well.  Then, there are some that believe that she is either possessed by the devil or a demon, or quite simply the impersonation of evil itself.   Interestingly, the name “Christine” means she who follows Christ, which would be an ironic situation.

How Did Christine Kill?
Stephen King being such a master, it isn’t actually clear how Christine kills her victims.  We can only presume that she is actually the murderer in this story.  Many try to thwart her attempts and end up in a very bad state, usually dead.  Also, whenever she is damaged, she repairs herself, having some sort of regenerative powers.  Interestingly, in literature, these types of powers are traditionally reserved for those who do good, so is Christine perhaps just misunderstood?  Is it possible that she was simply offer protection to her latest owner, out of guilt for the death of her previous owner?  Did she kill the previous owner at all, or was he just unlucky?  As always with a Stephen King book, every answer you think you can figure out only leads to ten more questions, but that is the genius of this writer.

What Sort of Car Is Christine?
In case you are worried and start to think that your car could be a similar evil embodiment, you may be interested in knowing what sort of car Christine actually was.  Or is, because does anybody really know what happened to her?  Christine was/is a 1958 Plymouth Fury.  Interestingly, Fury stands for fire, which would be a direct link to the devil scenario we discussed earlier.  It is even more interesting that the development of the Fury was said to be the car that managed to boost sales but ended up haunting Plymouth, possibly running it into the ground.  The Fury has long been seen as one of America’s most reliable vehicles.  It was used by many police forces who believed it to be indestructible and one model worked as a cab for decades, clocking up over 1.6 million miles before being totalled by a truck.  In true Fury style, however, she found a hungry collector who lovingly restored her.  The Fury was also a seriously fast car that no one – certainly not another car – could outrun.  She remained a highly popular for the police force, who continued to purchase newer models until the late 1970s.

So, what would it cost to purchase car insurance on a car like Christine?  I would like to think that Christine herself would laugh in the face of insurance, rejoicing in the pain and suffering she can cause to others whilst repairing herself over and over again.

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