15 August 2012

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The Cultural Significance of Girl Scout Cookies [Infographic]

It is no surprise that America loves to consume Girl Scout Cookies. Lines form at Girl Scout booths everywhere just so snackers can buy a box of their favorite flavor. The most popular flavor by far is Thin Mint but Samoas and Tagalongs are not far behind. Other favorites include Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Shortbread, Dulce de Leche and Savannah Smiles. With only two bakeries licensed to make the cookies and with the cookies being sold only certain months of the year, there is a huge demand.

The first Girl Scout cookie drive occurred in 1917out of a high school cafeteria but commercial bakeries did not get involved until the 1930s. When the Scouts could not sell cookies during World War II they sold calendars. Now smartphone users can use a special app to locate their nearest cookie dealer. In 2008 one member was able to sell more than 17,000 boxes of cookies, earning her troop enough money to visit Europe.

The Business of Girl Scout Cookies

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