30 August 2012

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Top 3 Deadliest Science Fiction Battles

Science fiction movies wouldn't be complete without climactic battle scenes that leave viewers on the edge of their seats wanting more. From the classics of the 50s to today's modern blockbusters, sci-fi fans have always counted on their favorite movies to deliver the most gruesome and horror-filled combat scenes. Here are the three deadliest science fiction battle scenes to ever grace the big screen.

War of the Worlds
The 1953 George Orwell's classic, War of the Worlds, depicts the conflict that arises when a fleet of alien spacecrafts invade Earth. One famous battle scene occurs at the end after all of the human beings have left their homes and have assembled in underground bunkers. Army generals, families, and all types of people have come together as a collective unit to face the alien race. As the fleet of alien saucers draw nearer, the civilians become more terrified and army sergeants prepare their men for battle. As cannons start firing and tanks slowly approach the hovering three alien spacecrafts, a blue force field begins to form around them that protects them from the attacks. The aliens then begin to unleash their deadly laser beams on anything in their path. People, army vehicles, and animals, are disintegrated by the penetrating rays. Millions of people everywhere that are caught in their path of destruction are suddenly terminated.

The Matrix
Another deadly battle scene worthy of top 3 status was in the 1999 blockbuster move, The Matrix. The main character, Neo, discovers that he is living in a computer simulated existence, created by thinking computers to hide the truth that he and the entire human race are stored in chambers to later be converted into batteries. In one scene, Neo finds himself in a public city parking lot and is approached by agents, who are computer simulated characters designed by artificial intelligence to destroy humanity. The agents try to kill Neo with a pole, but Neo grabs the pole and uses the strategy against them. Neo jumps and flies through the air, using the pole as leverage to fight off what have now become hundreds of agents. The agents begin to fall down like bowling pins as Neo meticulously weaves in and out of the computer generated clones. Viewers can't help to be amazed by how one movie character can destroy so many in a small amount of time.

Independence Day
Last but not least, Independence Day was a 1996 film that followed the lives of several characters as they prepare for battle against alien invaders. The aliens make their first appearance in the form of a giant ship that slowly approaches New York City partially hidden by a cloak of clouds. After a few days of panic, the ship finally lets everyone know what their true intentions when it unleashes a giant laser beam that rips through a skyscraper like cardboard. The explosion sends a fiery path of destruction that flips over cars and splits roads in half, killing millions of people along the way. This battle scene is a cataclysm for the events leading up to the eventual destruction of the alien beings through the courageous action of a lone pilot at the very end of the movie.

Science fiction fans know that the most important factor that determines a good movie is not how many gory scenes there are, but it certainly adds to its realism and authenticity. Because these scenes don't always depict the triumph of good over evil, it's a good thing these movies are found in the category of science "fiction" instead of "non-fiction".

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