6 September 2012

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Settling The Age Old Argument: Star Trek Vs. Star Wars [Infographic]

Science fiction fans seem to be divided as to which franchise has the superior technology: Star Wars or Star Trek. When comparing the two technologies, one must judge technology according to what overall purpose it serves. This can allow for easier side by side comparisons of technology from these two different universes.

The first category of technology one considers should be weaponry. In Star Wars, the Empire had access to the Death Star, which was capable of destroying an entire planet. Fearsome as it was, it was unique. On the other hand, in Star Trek, no such beam weapon has such awesome power. However, the mundane weaponry of spacecraft seem more or less equal among both universes.

The next category of technology should be the mind. In Star Trek, human mind has advanced little, but similar species have been encountered who display remarkable psychic abilities. In Star Wars, any human can master the Force, which provides them psychic and magical powers.

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

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