26 October 2012

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Greening Our Urban Spaces: 10 Tips for Eco-Friendly Cities [Infographic]

Looking around an urban landscape, you can see that recycling at home is just the start of making our cities sustainable. From the cars and public transit filling the streets to the usable spaces atop the buildings, the concrete jungle of a city offers a wealth of opportunities for eco-friendly efforts.

City residents can start by reducing their consumption, recycling, and using environmentally-friendly transportation like electric cars and mass transit systems on alternative fuels. Other practices involve more of the community, like using building tops for urban farming or greening.

The architecture of a city itself can be designed around green living. Good practices start with the sustainability of the construction materials themselves. Urban buildings made with biomaterials and incorporating green spaces can help the population feel more interactively involved with the environment around them. More advanced eco-technology like "Smart Cities" can further help us plan green cities. In short, we have many wonderful green ways to improve our cities.

Top 10 Ways to Make Cities Greener

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