11 October 2012

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US: Political Approach to Same Sex Marriage [Infographic]

Same sex marriage is no stranger to politics, but politicians have taken great steps to avoid making statements regarding the issue in the past. With the election coming up in November, many voters may find themselves swayed by political statements regarding same sex marriage. Barack Obama is one of the most significant figures to come out in support of same sex marriage earlier this year, following Joe Biden’s similar statement. Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, however, expressed his opinion that same sex marriage should not be legal.

This year, seven states have chosen to vote about the issue of same sex marriage. North Carolina voters chose to ban same sex marriage. While some claim that banning same sex marriage is morally righteous, others express that it is detrimental to issues of equality to ban these unions. Only a few states support same sex marriage, including Connecticut, Washington and New York.

 Same-Sex Marriage and Politics in 2012

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