21 November 2012

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Do You Have a Horrible Web Design Client? [Infographic]

Are you a web designer? Do you have a troublesome client with lots of ideas and not a lot of patience? Do you constantly feel like you are trying to please a client who cannot be pleased?

It is a fact that web designers have to deal with difficult clients at times. About 20 percent of those clients are going to offer suggestion after suggestion and constantly change the design of the website you are working on for them. About 50 percent of clients just don't know what they want in a web design. It is your job to sell them on an idea and to listen to their needs so that you know the best possible design to fit their vision. But the reality is that 100 percent of web design clients want something unique for their website. Use your creativity and ingenuity to make it happen.

Anatomy of a Web Design Client

This infographic was provided by: Top Web Design Schools

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