12 December 2012

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There's A Saint For Everything [Infographic]

Saints are not just for the Bible anymore. Sure, we've all heard of some saints such as Benedict, Patrick, and Joan of Arc. Those saints, and others, are immortalized through legend and lore. There are, however, other saints that watch over many of us without the same recognition.

Take St. Roch, for example. St. Roch was an orphan who traveled to Rome during the Bubonic Plague. While caring for plague victims, he became ill with the plague. He fled the town to die alone where he was cared for by a stray dog. St. Roch survived with the help of the dog. Now, St. Roch is immortalized as the patron saint of dogs and knee problems.

Juvenile delinquents have St. Dominic Savio, a sickly young priest, who died as a teenager, watching over them.

Even the Internet has a patron saint. St. Isidore of Seville, an encyclopedia writer from a family of saints, focused on sharing information with the world.

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