17 January 2013

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Star Wars to Mean Girls: Top 10 Movies for a Night In

Sometimes we need a night at home. Here are ten movies that will make that night a thriller!

Time alone at in your property is hard to come across. It’s not often that we get the chance to crash on the lounge with a pot of tea and a good film or two, so don’t waste time watching bad ones!

For a perfect night in, add a few of these movies to your watch-list and have an amazing night – all in the comfort of your own home!

Bridget Jones’ Diary
One of the wittiest, most entertaining chick flicks out there. Not only will Renee Zellweger have you in hysterics, but girls will relate to every second of it. Even at her lowest, in moments where she can only be cured by the combination of vodka and Chaka Khan, Bridget is uplifting and inspirational for all sad singletons. P.S: best soundtrack ever!

It’s enough to make you jump and maybe squeal once or twice without being Silence of the Lambs petrifying. The storyline holds strong and the romantic and comedic moments come just as regularly as the scary ones. When those scary moments come, you’ll be glad you lived in your own home instead of Kale’s creepy home!

West Side Story
Yep, a musical has been thrown into the mix – you’ll love it. The boys might not enjoy the interpretive dance fighting, but everyone has to appreciate the rivalry between to young New York gangs and the Montague/Capulet inspired love story that develops between a young Hispanic girl and an American boy.  The vocals will impress even those most cynical towards musical theatre.

Men In Black
A sci-fi flick has to be thrown in to the mix, so where better to start than Men in Black? An entertaining mix of out-of-this-world creatures and earthly action, with a bit of that classic sci-fi goop thrown into the concoction. It’ll keep you watching, that’s for sure.

Rush Hour
The unlikely pairing of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan will have you in fits of laughter. With Tucker’s infamous comedic skills and Chan’s incomparable martial arts talent make for one funny action film! It’s worth the watch just to get to the blooper reel at the end. You’ll be quoting it all week with your friends.

The Lion King
What’s a night in without a tear-jerking Disney classic? Incomplete. The Lion King is one of the most poignant coming-of-age films ever to grace our screens and it will keep the whole family on the edge of their seats. If you’ve seen it, you’re nodding right now, and probably holding your heart as you remember the first time you saw Simba staring down at the stampede through the Gorge. If you haven’t seen it, get on it. If you have no desire to see it, the world shakes its head at you. 

Stick It
Girls will love it because of the story line, while boys will probably enjoy the gymnasts… and perhaps the story line too. It’s easy to watch, packed with laughs and an instant pick-me-up... not to mention an interesting insight into the world of artistic gymnastics! “It’s not called gym-nice-sticks”, after all!

A Good Year
Watch Russell Crowe – party boy and businessman – learn that life is filled with beauties that money can’t buy as he travels through the South of France. A movie full of beautiful people, beautiful scenery, beautiful music and a beautiful message.

Six Days Seven Nights
This one wins the prize for the most one-liners squeezed into one film. You will not stop laughing… except in the moments where you forget to breathe due to intense suspense or sexual tension. It may be an oldie but it is most definitely a goodie.

Remember the Titans
This unexpectedly touching movie is perfect for a night in. Based on a true story, this mixed-race gridiron team show that camaraderie and passion for the game can overcome all the violence and hatred from the outside world. 

About Today's Guest Writer:

Jordy Zonaras is writer who has recently purchased one of the houses for sale in Mernda after looking at a display centre. She can’t wait to have a movie night in.

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