29 November 2013

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Promotional Video Production London - Golden Rules For Success

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Did this manage to capture your attention yet? That's exactly what your promotional video should trigger: the attention of the audience. If you can't grab it within the first 10 seconds, they are going to shift to other activities or messages that come across as more captivating.

Engaging your viewers can be extremely rewarding as studies show they are likely to share a cool and catchy video with their friends. This means you get additional exposure for free, exposure which may translate into increasing your brand awareness. When planning your video marketing campaigns, you can get professional help from any good promotional video production agency (Tech TV are a good example), so you can make the most out of this powerful marketing tool. Just stick to the following golden rules for success.

Our attention span is getting shorter and shorter. That's because we are exposed to so many commercial messages every minute of our life, that it's impossible to consciously register all of them into our brains. This is why the most attention catching promos win the battle and get viewers to keep on watching.

Your first images and words should convey your main message, if you want to be heard. Nobody has time to watch a long and boring story, only to get to the point by the end of it. You only have 10 seconds to glue your viewers to the screen, so you'd better be concise and amazingly effective in your communication.

Don't make your promotional video longer than it should be. Just follow the natural flow of words and scenes, illustrate all benefits of your product and try to make everything as concise as possible, if you want to be successful. Any second of your video that doesn't add something useful to it should be mercilessly edited.

You are going to invest a lot of effort into your promotional video, so you want to make sure people remember your brand name and associate it with your communication. Otherwise, you risk doing the hard work to the benefit of your competitors. If viewers remember there was a great product fulfilling their needs but they don't remember your brand name, they may as well just buy it from one of your competitors.

Always be wise in associating your brand with the product demonstration, so users can easily recall it when they will be ready to make a purchase.

If you want people to understand what your product is about, you have to be as specific and clear as possible. Unless you are a well-known brand, you have to communicate your benefits and support them with corresponding product features, otherwise people won't get what your product is all about. Product demos are proven to work. You can see them everywhere, in all video commercials. If so many companies use them, it means they must be working, so try not to reinvent the wheel and use them yourself in your promotional video creations.

How To Pass Unnoticed
Make ten minute long videos and hide your promotional message between minute 7 and 8 and you can bet nobody is going to remember what your video was about.

If you do your video the right way but promote it to the wrong audience, you lost the battle. They won't be interested in what you have to say, so they won't pay attention. Stick to your core target, discover where they are and publish your video right there, under their eyes.

Surprise your audience, entertain them and educate them at the same time. Inspire them to take action. Be persistent in what you do and one day you'll know success.

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