13 January 2014

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The Hazards Of Urinating In Public

public urination
The header itself will probably make you think you don't need to read this because you're never ever going to do it anyway. But wait...before you definitively say that, think of circumstances you may find yourself in which makes you do just that - pee in public.

Public urination is viewed on different levels of tolerance. In some countries, it is a normal everyday occurrence, even if it usually happens at night. In others, usually in the Western side of the globe, the act of urinating publicly is taboo, even illegal. So, before you attempt it, know the local culture of the place you're in and the laws regarding public peeing.

Here are some situations where people can't help themselves and must void in places that are not socially acceptable:
  • You're drunk and you mindlessly walk up to a wall or near some bushes to let go of a full bladder. Even mayors are not immune from doing this.
  • You're driving on a long road with no establishments in sight and you feel the urge to urinate. You do it by the roadside or under a tree. No one's around to see you anyway.
  • You're a taxi driver and while on a busy street, you must take a leak. There's nowhere you can park your cab and you don't want to sneak into a coffee shop and endure the evil looks from the barista. You look sideways, make sure no one's watching and let go just outside your cab.
  • You're in your backyard, relaxing with a drink or doing some DIY project. You want to pee but it's too much trouble going inside the house and the neighbors are not in sight. It's okay to void right there, and besides, your wife's plants need some fertilizing.

Urinating in public is never a pleasant sight and may have grave repercussions if done in the United States. You can read more here about criminal law and the possible legal predicaments you may be facing if caught publicly peeing, such as indecent exposure. Even if it is not prohibited in some nations, discharging urine in public is discouraged. It has unfavorable aftermaths aside from the obvious health issues. 

Here are the hazards and consequences of this distasteful act:
  1. If you are in the United States, you may be charged for the act. States vary in their laws and, depending on how good or bad your defense is, you'll may get off lightly or pay fines and spend time in jail.
  2. Urine smell is obnoxious and you'll be contributing to odor pollution.
  3. In countries where it is allowed, urinating in public can still drive off tourists and the economy losses potential income.
  4. Businesses near where you voided will suffer loss of customers who are repelled by the stench and may go elsewhere instead.
  5. You help destroy the aesthetics of the area where you voided because urine leaves stains on walls and concrete.
  6. If you have urinary tract infection, the bacteria in your urine can spread, infecting other people and causing disease.
  7. If you urinate on soil, the bacteria get a fertile breeding place and multiply. Worse, children playing may touch the soil with their hands or play barefoot, infecting them.
  8. The urea content in urine attracts flies and cockroaches. These insects are carriers of bacteria, including the ones found in urine, and can pass them on in exposed food and water.

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