10 April 2014

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Which New 'Doctor Who' Character Am I?

All of time and space await — find out which TARDIS occupant best fits your personality!

You know me, show me a link to a Doctor Who related quiz and I'll drop everything to do it right away...  So, yep, when I saw the tweet from @levtwomey about the one on Zimbio, that's exactly what I did. (By the way, lev twomey's result was Captain Jack as shown in the pic below)

So far, I've been the Fourth Doctor , the Ninth one... and even one of the female companions. I wonder which character I am with that one?

Ah, yes, I am the snogging Doctor!

What about you?
Want to find out which character you are? 
Click here to go to the quiz' page and have fun!
Allons-y!  (It should be "allez-y!" in this case, but, hey, who cares?
Don't forget to come back and let us know your result, okay? Thanks!

Loup Dargent

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