18 May 2014

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Janice Atkinson - Do The British Voters Really Want That Woman To Represent Them In Europe?

UKIP MEP candidate, Janice Atkinson, giving the finger to members of the public

UKIP MEP candidate, Janice Atkinson, might have misunderstood the "get your finger out" expression that day she decided to let her finger do the talking when challenged about some the UK Independence Party's policies (click here for more details) but there is no excuse for any politician to behave in such fashion (and, no, I'm not talking about her pink jacket here) while canvassing for votes.

To make the matter worse, she is apparently the UKIP's Press Adviser and (self-proclaimed) Nigel's Farage's Number Two. So, not exactly just any activist then... 

We all know that bad publicity is better than none at all, but, in this case, what kind of publicity did she really thought her party would get by publicly giving the finger to the general public?

From what I understand, Janice has some kind of phobia when it comes to freedom of speech and has in the past suggested that people protesting at UKIP meetings be pre-emptively arrested because it's (well, according to her, anyway) a "hate crime".

With candidates like Janice Atkinson, the UKIP definitely doesn't need enemies... Roll on 22nd of May! 

Stay safe!

Loup Dargent

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