10 May 2014

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The #BringBackOurGirls Petition Update!

As quite a few people have been dissing the BringBackOurGirls hashtag on Twitter these last days, it's with a great pleasure that we are sharing the email received from Change.org last night about what's been achieved already... And it's only the beginning!
Stay safe!

The Email: 
Dear Friend, 
Your voice mattered.  
You joined a World at School and over 800,000 supporters to call on the government of Nigeria to ensure the safe return of more than 250 abducted girls - and make schools in Nigeria safe for every child. 
Today, A World at School ensured that your calls for action were personally delivered by United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown to President Goodluck Jonathan in Abuja, Nigeria. 
With your support, the Nigerian government has committed to do all it can to #BringBackOurGirls and make going to school safe again. 
You were part of this.  
While the search for the missing girls continues, the Nigerian government has committed $10 million to the Safe Schools Initiative launched yesterday in Nigeria. 
This initiative is designed to stop the attacks on schools, on teachers and on schoolchildren that have made the simple act of seeking an education so dangerous. 
The Nigerian government's commitment means the Safe Schools Initiative Fund has raised $20 million for safer schools in just a few days. 
Additionally, President Goodluck Jonathan has committed to continue working with the international community over the next few weeks to develop a plan to get all of the 10.5 million out of school children in Nigeria into safe learning environments. 
The hard work to ensure these commitments are kept starts now: we must ensure that leaders keep their promise to the children of Nigeria. 
You can continue to take action.  
Read our list of 5 things you can do right now, including how to support the Safe Schools Fundhow to keep students safe from attack - but most of all, please tell your friends about the news.

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