7 June 2014

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Rape... It's Never Right!

"Two young girls were hanged from a tree after being gang raped in India. Shockingly a minister just responded by saying, "rape...sometimes it's right." The Prime Minister must take action and we can force him by delivering a millions-strong call for an end to the rape epidemic into the city where he holds his seat." 
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The following is an email from Alaphia and Avaaz.org, regarding what's happening to women in India... 

We decided to share it with you guys, because we believe that rape is never right and that something has to be done about the current rape epidemic in India. 

Have a read, and, sign the petition.

Thanks in advance

Loup Dargent

The Email
Dear Friends,  
I need your help. Two young girls were hanged from a tree after being gang raped in the fields outside their home in India and a minister from the ruling party just responded by saying that rape "is a social crime ... sometimes it's right, sometimes it's wrong." 
It's disgusting! But this isn't an isolated incident. I’ve been attacked in front of senior policemen and nothing was done. I know the system is totally failing India’s women. But together I think we can change it. 
My country’s new leader ran on the promise of rebuilding the holy city, Varanasi, where he was elected, as a major tourist hub. If we build a millions-strong global call for the protection of women and plaster it all over Prime Minister Modi's city, he'll be forced to act to save his tourism plan. 
An ad campaign like this has never happened before in India. But this is a national crisis and it requires drastic action. Sign now -- let’s get two million people to demand Modi protects India’s girls and women: 
When the 14 and 15 year old girls went missing, one girl's dad went to the police and fell in front of them on his hands and knees pleading for them to do something. They laughed at him and told him to go home. This appalling police inaction happens to countless families across India that face this horror.After the international furor, five guys were finally arrested and two police officers have been dismissed. But every 22 minutes someone is raped in India and the police, the judiciary, and even ministers are failing us!  
Before the elections a massive movement was building to get urgent action to stop violence against women. Experts drafted a Womanifesto -- a common sense plan for urgently needed reforms to stop the rape epidemic. It covers law, policing, medical and psychological support, and crucially -- public education. Other major parties signed up to it, but Modi ignored it. 
Even Modi's staff agree with most of the plan. Now we just need him to put it into action.  
So far, Modi has said nothing about the crime against these two poor girls, or about his party colleague’s insult. But Modi has just started in office, and now is our chance to influence his priorities. Let’s get two million of us to boldly call for action in his home constituency. Sign up now:  
The shock of seeing this photo can paralyse us with sadness, or it can spur us into action. Women across my country are demanding an end to this rape culture and are fighting to achieve equality and safety for all. Please stand with us now to end this violence!  
With hope,
Alaphia, with the Avaaz team

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