23 July 2014

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UK: The Biggest Child Abuse Scandal Of All

Covering up child abuse isn't even a crime - and now we have a chance to fix this. Stung by shocking allegations of a sex abuse cover-up right at the heart of Westminster, David Cameron's promised action. Let's force him to put his money where his mouth is and pass a no-brainer law to protect kids from abusers now!

Dear friends across the UK,

Shamed by allegations of a sex abuse cover-up right at the heart of Westminster, the prime minister’s promised “no stone unturned” inquiries - but here’s the biggest scandal of all: covering up child abuse isn’t a crime!

Last week the NSPCC called for a law to prosecute those who cover up for abusers - but the government just rejected a chance to back it. If we don’t pressure David Cameron now he’ll delay until after the election, failing to protect thousands of vulnerable kids.

Now's our chance: Labour’s Ed Miliband backs a change in the law as do many Tories and Lib Dems, and right now there's a bill in parliament that can make it happen. Let’s shout loud and clear that protecting our kids can't wait. Click to sign then share this widely -- when we reach 50,000 Avaaz will work with allies in parliament to force a vote:

>> https://secure.avaaz.org/en/the_biggest_child_abuse_scandal_of_all_71/?bOksxab&v=42908

It beggars belief. Say you’re a teacher, and a child tells you they’ve been abused by another teacher. You don’t report it. This would be a crime in most of the rest of the developed world, but - outrageously - in England, Wales and Scotland, it isn’t.
Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris abused kids for decades because people were too afraid to speak out - and what's changed? Experts believe only 5% of child abuse is reported today. Opponents of a “duty to report” law claim it'd be expensive and lead to a flood of reports - both ludicrous reasons not to act. Finally, we have a chance to put this right. 

Stung by allegations of sex parties involving underage boys at past Conservative party conferences, David Cameron’s promised action. But he'll kick it into the long grass unless we force him to turn soundbites into a concrete law now while this scandal's in the spotlight. Sign below then share with everyone -- the more we are, the stronger our call:

>> https://secure.avaaz.org/en/the_biggest_child_abuse_scandal_of_all_71/?bOksxab&v=42908

Time and again, the Avaaz community has come together to protect children - from forcing Hilton hotels to train their staff on how to identify and report child prostitution, to stopping the flogging of a 15-year old girl in the Maldives. ‘Avaaz’ means ‘voice’ – let’s act as the voice of the voiceless and protect vulnerable children across the UK.    

In hope, 

Loup Dargent  
On behalf of Mary, Bert, Andrea, Luis and all of the Avaaz team      

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