7 August 2014

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Let's Remind People What Is #WorthSaving From Climate Change!

"Our massive day of climate action on September 21 can show a groundswell of demand to the world’s most powerful leaders. If we can make our passion infectious. Help create a viral video tool that can motivate hundreds of thousands into the streets."

Dear friends,

We're 46 days away from the largest climate mobilisation the world has ever seen. Our massive climate day of action already has 350,000 Avaazers committed to taking part. This is huge, but it's not yet enough. We need more buzz and more people to ensure world leaders see that the demand for climate action has hit a tipping point. And we have just the plan to make that happen.

We can make our passion infectious, to motivate people with what’s worth saving from climate change and worth getting out in the streets to stand up for. There's an all star video crew standing by to turn this powerful story about all the things worth saving from the impacts of climate change into an amazing viral video that we can use as an organizing tool to get even more people inspired to join us in this historic day of climate action.

All we need is all of us. This powerful video requires real, inspiring moments from people around the world. And there’s no group better to provide footage for this than us. We’re spread across every corner of the globe, and we demonstrate every day that there is beauty and hope even as we work to create the more just world we want. So take a few minutes to think about what you feel is #worthsaving from climate change and why you are called to stand up in this global day of action. Then click the link below and share your short clip to be included in the #worthsaving climate video:


Here are the basic steps to share your video clip:

1. Find an old video clip that you love or shoot a new one. You don’t have to film anything new if you already have something. You don't need to edit, narrate, or add any fancy visuals (though if you want to you should!). We’re looking for real moments that show the beauty and power of humanity. A moment that moves you will move others.
2. Upload your video to YouTube (info here on how to do this)
3. Email worthsaving@avaaz.org with the YouTube link to your video

Recently, President Obama told the New York Times that when it comes to climate change: “‘With public opinion there’s nothing I cannot do, and without public opinion there’s nothing I can get done.” Our political representatives across the globe are not yet convinced that  enough people are concerned about climate change. This massive day of climate action on September 21 is one of our best opportunities to show the world’s most powerful leaders that the public stands with them for ambitious climate action. For that, we need the climate movement to have a growth spurt. We need more people than ever before to demonstrate the rising tide of demand for action. 

Polls show that most people believe climate change is a serious threat, but our politicians have yet to feel the heat from a people’s movement that will force them to act. This video will be a central part of a global media strategy including massive subway ads, online ads, celebrity engagement and media partnerships to help inspire everyone to march on September 21st and begin the momentum for major shifts in how our leaders protect our planet. 

Help show people what this fight is really about and take some time to submit a short video clip about what in your life is #worthsaving from climate change. All the information to get started is in the link below:


Avaaz was started on the belief that people are the superpower that makes change possible. Ordinary people sharing their dreams, their fury, their bold acts is what has always moved others to action. Together, we can make something that touches and inspires others to do more than they ever have before.

With hope,

Loup Dargent

On behalf of Nell, Joseph, Iain, Nataliya, Ricken and the whole Avaaz team

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