9 December 2014

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The Best Dogs For Families With Children

Submitted by: Kelly Marshall

There is much speculation about which dog breeds are the best for families with young children. There is no definitive answer to this question. Almost any type of dog has the potential to do well will kids. Each dog has its own unique personality and you never know exactly how they will turn out. Many factors go into determining a dog's ability to mesh well with children. 

Here are some things to keep in mind when searching for a family dog.

Make sure there is a family member in the house who can devote a good bit of time to training your new dog. Initial obedience training is essential for any dog that will be exposed to children. If your kids want to be involved in training, make sure an adult is supervising at all times. Also, be sure that your children are instructed on how to behave around the dog, as well as on how to help care for him.

Age and Size
Take your children's ages and activity levels into consideration. A large, awkward puppy does not know his own size and may knock over a toddler. Smaller dogs may accidentaly be stepped on by bigger children if they are not careful. Since puppies require a lot of extra attention, getting an adult dog that behaves well around children may be a good choice for your family.

The best dog for a family with children will have a good temperament, a high level of intelligence and a moderate level of energy. Some breeds are naturally good with children. 

Here is a quick overview of dog breeds that have a reputation for being good with kids:
  • Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever: These breeds are smart and usually do well with children, but if they do not get enough exercise they can become very hyperactive.
  • Poodle: Poodles are extremely intelligent and usually have a good temperament. They also come in all sizes from toy to standard.
  • Bichon Frise: This breed enjoys playing but is not too hyper. They are small dogs that may be just the right size for your children.
  • Beagle: This breed is suitable for children due to their relatively small size, friendliness and intelligence. Some Beagles may have a tendency to be high-strung but they usually respond well to training.
  • Cairn Terrier: This breed is known for having a natural affinity for children. They are gentle, tolerant and have the ability to keep up with active kids.
  • Collie and Shetland Sheepdog: These are gentle, tolerant and calm dogs that usually do will with kids of all ages.
  • German Shepherd: This breed absolutely must be well-trained but is loyal and protective. German Shepherds have a playful side that kids enjoy.
  • Mixed Breeds: Mixed breed dogs are often intelligent and well-balanced.

Where To Find A Family Dog
A good place to start looking for a family dog is at your local rescue group. Rescue dogs have usually been fostered by a family who can tell you a lot about their personality and temperament. If you're looking for a purebred dog, the best place to begin your search is with a reputable breed-specific rescue or breeder.

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