27 January 2015

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Batman Villains - What Do You Know About Poison Ivy?

It's sad that Pamela Isley, or Poison Ivy, became the way she did because of experiments. While she was taking Biology, her professor seduced her and injected her with poisons and toxins.

This caused Poison Ivy to transform into a plant-like menace to society. One of the Batman villains, Poison Ivy started out as a wealthy girl with parents who could care less. 

After this has happened, Poison Ivy's boyfriend suddenly passes away, and she drops out of school. She is gradually changing from Pamela Isley to Poison Ivy. 

Moving from Seattle to Gotham City, Poison Ivy threatens the city with toxic spores unless they meet her demands. Batman, who has just entered the city the same year, is the only one who can stop Poison Ivy.

She is one of the Batman villains that uses her potions to make other super heroes fall in love with her. Batman stops her from hurting the city, and Poison Ivy gets locked inside a mental institution for the criminally insane.

Over the years, Poison Ivy's plant-like powers develop until she is super human. One of her weapons is the fact that her lips are poison, so she is the only one of the Batman villains who can literally give the 'kiss of death.'

Poison Ivy was introduced in the Batman comics for a better female super villain when people began to identify with Catwoman, and even sympathize with her. Poison Ivy gave readers and audiences another sexy female nemesis to hate.

Clothed in leaves, with flaming flower bedecked red hair, Poison Ivy was one of the greatest villains that Batman ever had.

(You can read and see more about the history of poison ivy at batmanvillains.net/villains/poison-ivy, a website where you can discover more about all your favorite batman villains.)

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