16 February 2015

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UK: 5 Types Of Exercise To Do In Manchester [Infographic]

Here is an infographic that was created by the owner of UK Healthy Living Tips for his blog, in order to display 5 different types of exercise that can be done in Manchester...

Enjoy... and stay healthy! (Wherever you live...)

Loup Dargent
"An infographic is when you display information in a different form of media to a blog post. The types of exercise I have included are running, horse riding, snow-sports, swimming and going to the gym.
There are many places around Manchester and Lancashire where these activities can be done at a range of prices and to suit all abilities. Manchester has a lot of opportunity for some extreme sports that cannot be done everywhere across the country, such as the snow-sports at Chill factor in addition to horse trekking in Wythenshawe park.

However, some these require a bit of a drive out of the city. The more common sports such as swimming and going to the gym can be done at many facilities in and around Manchester. Finally if you prefer to run outside there are many parks in Manchester such as Heaton park and Plattfields Park, which hold great opportunities for runners. Below in the infographic is any more information you will need in order to do these exercises in Manchester."
Check out the healthy living tips blog for more healthy living tips and advice. 

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