20 February 2015

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Wood Shop Trap Hits Your Geek Player Technology Score

You didn't submit your classes in time... 

You tried to get into the Advanced Quantum Entanglement class (you did name your cat Spooky Action after all) but amazingly, it was filled. Great. Now what are you going to take. You look down list of available classes and it's pretty ominous. Go ahead and turn the page past the physical education classes. There will be no getting tied up to the school mascot this year, Thank you very much. 

Wait a minute! Underwater RC submersibles. Oh crap! It just filled up..most likely one of your friends stole the last spot. 

Hmmm...here's wood shop. How bad can that be. They will have tools and when the teacher's not looking, you can finally refine the robotic chassis you've been working on. Yes. Wood shop should be fine. First day of class arrives and you take your seat. Immediately, your realize this is a grave mistake for any self-respecting geek. You look around an realize that most of the students are sporting heavy metal black t-shirts and have assorted body piercings. 

They're all discussing whether they'll make a Fender replica or go the Gibson route. What are those??? You've awoken in geek hell as you feel your technological prowess slowly seep out your ears.

We wanted our Fantasy Geek game to reflect this sudden change of fortune with the Wood Shop trap. When you apply the Wood Shop trap to a player on your opponent's team, they will feel an immediate hit of 4 points to their Technology category for a single player. 4 points is a big deal on an average baseline score of 3-10 for any given player in any given category so this trap goes along way to taking the Technology category. 

The person who receives this ill-gotten gift from you will see that you're the sender. If they had already applied a protection Perk such as Wrist Watch Calculator (has to be applied to same player in advance of trap), the Wood Shop trap will have no effect. If they applied an Alien Tech perk, their score will be partially protected from the boost of that perk. They could also apply a Cloned! reversal perk to send the Wood Shop trap back at you. 

Oh, the options are vast and the retribution swift in the geek game of perks and traps. We'll let you decide which way to go.

The Wood Shop trap will last through the end of the week (end of play) and will figure into the final weekly tally to see who wins the week. All perks and traps will reset and be removed from players when entering into the next week of play. 

The traps such as Wood Shop will be viewable on the main geek battle grid for all to see so don't think your attacks will go down anonymously. The picture for the Wood Shop trap is that of a giant chain saw on a pure white background. Granted, you're probably not going to find a chain saw in a standard wood shop class and if you do, run for the door! It's a horror movie in the making

The lore of the Wood Shop trap is this:
Pick your classes wisely. Some classes might just reduce the brainy technological prowess you've been cultivating all these years. Then, what are you left with?  

Don't answer looks because that's a dead end.

Submitted by: Dennis Jarvis

About Today's Contributor
Dennis Jarvis writes extensively about fantasy geek games and Facebook games. His articles help people find the best free Facebook games to play and enjoy. 

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