6 March 2015

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David Cameron: Chicken? Frit? Running Scared?

David Cameron
Our Prime Minister is running scared from a planned series of election debates. And now all the debates risk being pulled because of his reluctance to be part of them. Let's call on the TV Broadcasters to resist Cameron's bullying and to go ahead with all the debates -- with or without him. 
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David Cameron

Dear friends, 

David Cameron has just pulled out from a head-to-head debate against Ed Miliband, saying he only wants one debate with all eight other leaders in March before his manifesto has even been finalised! 

Chicken? Frit? Running scared? Whatever you call it, one party is shockingly trying to dictate the terms of British democratic debates. But people power can stop this and demand our broadcasters stand firm and don’t cave into Cameron’s demands.

Nobody, let alone the current Prime Minister, should be able to veto democratic debates. Let’s give the TV broadcasters the public support they need to resist Cameron’s bullying and to go on with all three debates - with or without him. If 100,000 of us sign, we’ll give the broadcasters the public mandate they need to continue on with all three debates.  
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22 million people watched the debates at the last election, where everyone “agreed with Nick”. But now no one agrees with David Cameron’s latest attempt to duck the debate with the leaders of the other parties. The choices around austerity, immigration, our future in Europe and climate change matter to all of us. But denying the electorate the chance to hear from the leaders fighting for the keys to Downing Street undermines people’s ability to make a choice on policy and personality.

Let’s come together and give the TV broadcasters the public support they need to resist Cameron’s cowardly moves and to go ahead with all three debates. 

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Time and again, the Avaaz community has come together to challenge the arrogance of power and winning where many said we would fail.  Let’s back our broadcasters and urge Cameron to participate in these debates, it’s the least citizens of this country deserve.

 With hope,

Loup Dargent
On behalf of Andrea, Bert, Sam and the Avaaz team

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