25 October 2015

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Final Touches For A Zombie Fancy Dress

The big number of zombie flicks that made a hit on the big screen is enough to prove that people would always find these ghastly characters interesting. The plot is always the same but people still watch for the heck of being scared. Perhaps this is the reason why a zombie costume is still a common preference for many people during Halloween. Just like any other scary character, there would be many approaches in creating the look.

There is a Halloween fancy dress made for children. Halloween costumes that are intended for young ones are usually designed to be more comfortable. Those are not as scary as those that are made for teenagers and adults for obvious reasons. The last thing parents want is their child’s scary costume causing others to cry. Zombie costumes for kids usually have many layers and tattered lining. The colors of the textiles are muted to make the clothes look like it has been worn for a long time. There are also ensembles that come with additional details such as bones and flesh showing through tears in the costume.

Halloween accessories such as fake scars and wound also help a lot in making a zombie look realistic. There are also sets of face paints people can experiment with so they can achieve the greenish pale skin of dead bodies. If they wish to, they can also add bruises to make the costume look more authentic. Understandably, those would be for really scary costumes and not for young ones. Another way of making it fitting for Halloween is by making the costume bloodier. A zombie fancy dress can also be made more interesting by using different types of fake blood. Some are meant to be smeared on the clothes while others are meant to be used against the skin. There are also capsules that people can bite on to make blood ooze out of their zombie mouths.

There are also zombie fancy dress costumes that have masks. Those would be ideal for people who do not wish to put on makeup. It is true that putting face paint on requires a bit of creativity so it may not be for everyone. The downside of wearing a mask is that it can be quite uncomfortable for the wearer. This means that people cannot possibly wear them through and through and would have to remove it at some point during the event. A zombie costume can also be more modern. The look would be much like your ordinary neighbor except that they are already zombies.

Women would also have a lot of choices for adult costume parties with zombies as a theme. They do not necessarily have to look shabby in their tattered clothes. The truth is that there are a number of sexy zombie costumes to choose from. Any common ensemble can be turned to something gruesome by means of using a bit of makeup and face paint. If they wish to, they can even come in a full gown to look like a zombie bride. There can be many renditions of zombies so it is quite a fun role to play.

Submitted by; Sean Goudelock

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