19 November 2015

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London Marches For Paris And Everything We Love

"Security concerns are keeping the people of Paris from joining our massive global climate march on November 29th, the eve of the biggest climate summit this decade. Paris can't march, but London can. Let's step up now, for Paris, and for everything we love.  
Click here to join the London climate march on November 29th!"

Dear amazing Avaaz community, 

The French government has just announced that with security still a major concern in Paris, we’ll have to cancel our massive climate march there on November 29th. 

This is heart-breaking for our Paris members, who have had enough heartbreak already. *More than a thousand* of them -- unprecedented numbers -- turned up at Avaaz meetings in recent weeks, just to volunteer to help organise the march!! 

The people of Paris may not be able to march to save everything we love, but in London we can. Let's show ISIS that silencing some of us will only make the rest of us step up, stand up, and speak even louder. Because we are one people, one planet, engaged in a fight to save everything we love. On November 29th, we march like never before. Join us to make history at the London Climate March: 

The biggest global climate summit of the decade is going ahead in Paris the day after the march. We have to make sure that the people speak, and leaders hear us, before they gather. Momentum is with us, but some countries like India and Saudi Arabia are making ominous moves to block global progress. We need a massive global outcry for a 100% clean energy world, to pressure the blockers, and bolster champions like Germany not to give in.

Our day of action has over 2000 events worldwide. Our goal is still to mobilise the largest climate change march in history. Paris was the biggest march planned, but the attacks there make it impossible. Once again, the actions of the few threaten the welfare of us all. But not if we rise to this moment. Humanity is wildly imperfect, but we can shine our brightest in the darkest of times. On November 29th, in London, let's shine our light: 

The fight to stop catastrophic climate change is not just about stopping a few more storms or a bit of sea rise. Scientists are screaming from rooftops that we are playing with uncontrollable tipping points and feedback loops in our fragile biosphere that could cause rapid, out of control climate change -- the kind that could mean the end of the human journey. How strangely fitting that our greatest moment of rallying to save ourselves, the divisive and violent forces of our past would rise to try to take this moment from us. Let's show who we are, and rise to this moment, with all the love and hope we know we're capable. For the sake of everything we love. 

With hope and gratitude, 

Loup Dargent
On behalf of Ricken, Alice, Emma, and the whole Avaaz team. 

P.S. In case you missed it, please add a message to this beautiful expression of love our community is sending to our brothers and sisters in France, Lebanon, and across the world here.

P.P.S. Organisers, partners and Avaaz staff are in touch with the relevant authorities to make sure this is a fun, hopeful and safe day.

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