1 December 2015

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#COP21 - Let's Ask David Cameron To Stand With Climate Vulnerable Countries!

30 vulnerable countries -- including amazing island paradises on the verge of drowning -- are calling for a 100% clean energy future.It’s the best chance to bring together rich countries like Britain and the global south -- but we need a public statement from David Cameron to help make it happen.  
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Dear friends across the UK,

30 vulnerable countries -- most on the verge of drowning because of catastrophic climate change -- just stood together and called for a 100% clean energy future for all of us. 

This is revolutionary -- presenting us the best chance for an alliance between rich countries like Britain and the global south united for 100% clean, and right on the second day of the Paris climate conference! 

But David Cameron hasn't made a public statement supporting this brave move from the most threatened... yet. We can convince him to speak out to save these beautiful island paradises by tweeting him right now, while he’s in key bilateral meetings. 
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Our ability to respond in real time to what negotiators do in this closed door climate conference is our super power. And experts tell us that if France, Germany and the UK publicly support the call of the climate vulnerable it could open up the chance for a global alliance that has never been seen on climate before. 

This is our message from the record-breaking global climate march being broadcast in the conference by the moral beacons of our generation. 

Massive numbers are mobilising in France and Germany now too. Our governments can respond, they can amplify our voices and those of the most threatened. 
Tweet Cameron now to make it happen: www.avaaz.org/ClimateCameron 
As a movement we are showing up again and again to get the deal we need on climate. Over 750,000 of us set the tone by marching on Sunday, before leaders met in Paris. And we are keeping up the pressure. Just yesterday before Indian Prime Minister Modi spoke hundreds of Avaazers tweeted him congratulating him on an opinion piece he’d written and asking for even more. These weeks will be filled with moments for our movement. 

With hope and determination, 

Loup Dargent
On behalf of Emma, Meredith, Stephen, Camille, Risalat, Andrew and the whole Avaaz team 


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