28 January 2016

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Worldwide Release of the Documentary: Revolution of the Present A Primer for Global Citizenship

Revolution of the Present (PRNewsFoto/Revolution of the Present)
"The Planet is Being Shaped By Human Intention and Action. It is Radically Different Than Anything We've Ever Seen." - Revolution of the Present
Featuring twenty international thought leaders, Revolution of the Present, the documentary feature film by Director Marc Lafia, dares the viewer to begin examining a profound new present, this revolution of the present, so that we can better shape our collective future. 

Just released on Vimeo, iTunes, and Amazon Prime this January (coming soon to GooglePlay), the film unravels the complexity of the contemporary moment, examining western presumptions and narratives. 

In the post colonial world of identity politics, social media, climate change, screen and algorithmic computational technologies, it asks if there is room for the individual and participatory politics in the networked cultures of today. 

The Film for Those Who Want to Break Free of the Matrix

Revolution of the Present examines the strange effects — on cities, economies, people — of what we might call accelerated capitalism. Set against a visually striking array of sounds and images, twenty international thinkers speak to the complexity and oddity of this contemporary moment as they discuss what is and what can be. 
"We need new concepts. New ways of thinking about what is a profoundly new reality." - Revolution of the Present
"The film is meant to begin a global conversation," says Lafia. "It's a series of building blocks that together give description to the increasing complexity and inter-dependence of our networked world. Perhaps as Columbia University Professor Saskia Sassen says in the film, 'We are on the other side of the curve of liberal democracy.'  If we take the time to examine where we are, we have no choice but to be a part of the future.  You can either act to change things, or your inaction will decide for you.  But how do we take action and what do we do? That is the heart of the film." 
As the impact of human civilization makes our planet more and more precarious for her inhabitants, our need to collaborate and dialogue has never been greater.  

Be a part of the conversation.  

Get info at revolutionofthepresent.org and share thoughts @RevOfThePresent. 

The Trailer

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