19 March 2016

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UK: Chris Evans vs Jeremy Clarkson - The Infographic

Today's infographic compares Chris Evans with Jeremy Clakson, the man he is set to replace as presenter of Top Gear...

Here is what the guys at CarLeasingMadeSimple.com (where we got the infographic from) say about it:

Picking a replacement for Jeremy Clarkson was never going to be an easy task, but you can understand why the BBC plumped for Chris Evans. He's a petrol-head with a long history of hosting big shows but who still has that all important air of irreverence about him. That hasn't stopped the Top Gear community getting nervous about the direction in which Chris will take the show. To help allay this trepidation we've put together this piece comparing Chris with the man he is set to replace. Obviously we're checking up on their love of cars, but almost as importantly we're taking a look at their disciplinary records and how their TV careers compare. 
(Oh, and, by the way, the infographic also includes a quick quiz to see if we can tell our Evans from our Clarkson... Just in case.)


Loup Dargent

The Infographic
Chris Evans vs Jeremy Clarkson
Chris Evans vs Jeremy Clarkson by carleasingmadesimple.com

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