31 December 2016

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Southend-on-Sea: Street Artist Pays Tribute To Carrie Fisher By Doing What He Does Best

Another reason why I love Southend.... Brilliant tribute to Carrie Fisher from a local street artist. Cool!

Original Images via 'Your Southend' Facebook Page
I'm so glad I follow 'Your Southend' on Facebook... if not, I might have missed their post about this brilliant tribute to the late Carrie Fisher by a local street artist and I would definitely have kicked myself. 
Image via 'Your Southend' Facebook Page
This new piece of street art, from local artist John Bulley, is on the seafront and a 20-minute walking distance from where I live... I'll definitely go check it as soon as possible.

Image via 'Your Southend' Facebook Page
Anyway, I thought I would share this wonderful tribute (and masterpiece) with you guys.


Loup Dargent

John Bulley - Image via 'Your Southend' Facebook Page

PS: Thanks (once again) to 'Your Southend' for the heads-up and John Bulley for his great work.

PPS: BTW, John Bulley has a website... Click here If you want to know more about this Southend based talented artist. Definitely worth a visit or two!

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