25 September 2017

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Ban Monsanto's New Super Poison

Monsanto is pushing a super poison that flies through the air killing almost all plants in its path … except Monsanto GMOs. Now, 1,000 farmers are fighting back and if we join them, in days, we could win an extraordinary ban that will get this dangerous pesticide out of our fields and off our food.

Monsanto’s poison of mass destruction
Image via Avaaz.org
Dear friends,

Monsanto's spent a billion bucks pushing a super poison that kills almost every plant in its path -- except Monsanto GMOs. It even flies through the air onto neighbouring land!

But in days we can shut it down. 

After a massive outcry from 1,000 farmers, a key US state is now deciding whether to ban this poison. This will set a precedent to influence regulation around the world.

The body in charge is set to make their decision in days and Monsanto is mounting an intense pressure campaign. Let’s counter them by backing the farmers. When our call is big enough, we’ll launch a massive media campaign across the state, with our demand: get this billion dollar poison out of our fields and off our food! Add your name:  

Stand up to Monsanto
It's no surprise farmers are up in arms. As resistance to its pesticides increases, Monsanto's been pushing an even more toxic poison: Dicamba. This chemical spreads death with the wind, drifting onto neighbouring crops, trees, soil, and water -- and killing practically everything.

That's left farmers with a terrible choice -- switch to Monsanto GMO seeds, or watch their crops die. It’s a greedy scheme that will make Monsanto billions and destroy our food system.

But we can stop this. 17 US states opened Dicamba investigations and two Arkansas committees just recommended and the plant board recommended a ban. Now regulators from the EU to Latin America are watching carefully.

Monsanto launched a desperate attack blaming the problem on everything - the weather, farmers, bad scientists, the University of Arkansas - everything except the real cause: Dicamba. Let’s fight Monsanto and protect our fields and our food. With enough of us, we can win.
Stand up to Monsanto
For years, the Avaaz community has taken on the David vs Goliath fight to stop the corrupt takeover of our food system. And we are winning. Last year, we helped stop Monsanto from opening a flagship GM factory in Argentina, we stopped the EU from giving a new license to glyphosate, and now, we can help win in Arkansas where the next fight begins.

With hope and determination,

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