31 October 2017

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New Interactive Children's Book "What's Making Walter C. Laugh?" Encourages Limitless Imagination

Five-star Amazon Rated Book Makes Perfect Holiday Gift

"What's Making Walter C. Laugh?" - Front Cover
New interactive children's book, "What's Making Walter C. Laugh?" Available now for the holidays on Amazon.
"What's Making Walter C. Laugh?," written by new, innovative author Ginny Jordan, is a fun, interactive, whimsical story for preschoolers and elementary school-aged children that gets kids to think playfully and use their imaginations to figure out what in the world is making Walter C. laugh.
"You will literally laugh out loud with 'What's Making Walter C. Laugh?' said Lauren Rafferty, Teacher and Author of the Education Blog The Smile Lines. "From the minute we started the book, my kids were hysterically laughing with the silly phrases and vibrant illustrations. It is great having blank pages at the end of the story to add your own thoughts and imaginative ideas! We are so glad we scooped this book up!"
As children read and follow the colorful illustrations, they try to figure out what is making Walter C. laugh – is it the snowman eating pizza in the bathtub, the octopus playing soccer, or could it be the monkey skateboarding down the sidewalk? Children will be guessing until the last page and beyond while developing a love for reading along the way. 

  • "What's Making Walter C. Laugh?" is a perfect gift for children and adults alike.
In Ginny Jordan's book, "What's Making Walter C. Laugh?" kids try to figure out, is it the giraffe cooking pancakes?
In new author Ginny Jordan's book, "What's Making Walter C. Laugh?" kids try to figure out, is it the giraffe cooking pancakes?
With an overall five-star rating on Amazon, reviewers write that the bright and boldly illustrated book is "a great way to get parents laughing with their children!" Other reviewers say, "every page brings smiles and giggles," "A MUST READ for children," "really keeps him engaged," and "the new IT book of the year!"

"What's Making Walter C. Laugh?" was written to inspire fun and bonding time between children and adults, stimulate creative thinking, encourage unlimited imagination, and to have some fun unplugged time with a child. 

The bright pages will keep readers captivated looking for new details on the pages every time they read them.

Ginny Jordan
Ginny Jordan (via Goodreads)
About the Author:
"My father and son spent endless hours of fun reading together," said Ginny Jordan. "Then they would go play imagination games using the characters from the book they had just read. I wanted to re-create that happiness, closeness and fun for other kids to experience."
Ginny Jordan lives outside of New York City. She was a teacher for many years and was the only one in her school to receive the Outstanding Service Award. She is an accomplished photographer, having shown and sold her photography in Juried art shows. In addition, she enjoys reading, travel, the fine arts, and watching sports.

SOURCE: Ginny Jordan

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