12 January 2018

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Let's All Tell Trump: "We're With Haiti!" [Petition]

Trump called Haiti a "shithole" and asked why he'd want anyone from there, or African countries, to come to the US. Let's show the world stands against this kind of hateful nonsense, and with the people of Haiti and everywhere else that Trump and co insult on a regular basis. When a million sign, Avaaz will publish our response in the Washington Post.

Donald Trump at it again!
Donald Trump at it again! (Image via Avaaz.org)
Dear friends,

Trump just called Haiti a "shithole" and wondered why he'd want anyone from there, or African countries, to come to the US. 

It's exactly the kind of racism and division we've come to expect from Trump, so it's no surprise. But it doesn't mean we should accept it from anyone, especially the President of the United States. 

Let's stand up to this ignorant bully 
-- sign the letter below to say we stand with Haitians, and with everyone Trump insults and ignores on a regular basis. When a million of us signAvaaz will publish it in the Washington Post: 

>> Sign the letter below to tell Trump -- we're with Haiti <<
To Donald Trump:
We're with Haitians, with Salvadorans, with Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, and Nigerians. We're with people all over the world that you disparage out of ignorance or for political gain. From around the world we say that we are united against your hate. If anyone is not welcome, it's you.
Trump was discussing a deal that would include protections for immigrants brought to the US as children. "Why do we want people from Haiti here?" was the president's response. He said he'd rather have people from Norway than "all these people from shithole countries."  

Time and again history has shown us that we are better united. When leaders like Trump try to divide us by saying that one group is better than another, we need to stand up and decisively reject it as one people.
He's still going to be president, and he's still going to say whatever he wants. But at least we can make it clear to the people of Haiti and all other nations that Trump treats with utter contempt that we see them, that we're with them, and that we won’t let Trump normalize this kind of bullying: 

>> Click to tell Trump -- we're with Haiti <<
With hope, 

Loup Dargent
On behalf of Danny, Jenny and the entire Avaaz team 

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