6 March 2018

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MESSAGE MAN -- A Brutal Action Film Hits Theatres

Get ready for the hard-core action film MESSAGE MAN, now in theatres near you!

Be prepared, as MESSAGE MAN is definitely not for the faint hearted. Australian filmmaker, COREY PEARSON, has successfully raised finance from South East Asia to make his directorial debut film, which is currently playing in Australian theatres, and will soon hit screens world-wide.
What makes MESSAGE MAN unique is the stunning dramatic performances contrasted against graphic violence. The production value is as slick as any Hollywood action film, with stunning cinematography and loads of great fight sequences. Paul O'Brien is compelling as lead character Ryan Teller and the Indonesian cast, including Verdi Solaiman (The Raid), Mario Irwiensyah and Mike Lewis (FoxTrot-6) all deliver world-class performances.
The film is set in the Indonesian archipelagos and stars Australia's own Paul O'Brien (Home & Away). It follows a retired hitman who visits a remote island in Indonesia and befriends a young boy and his family. When the boy is harmed by a group of pirates who are stealing girls off the islands, the assassin's location is revealed to an old enemy, forcing him to embark on one last mission to set things right.
Message Man  (Still)
Message Man  (Still)
"I'm very proud of what we achieved with Message Man. It's not just a shoot-'em up, or cut-'em up film. There's a strong story holding it all together and some great character driven moments," says Writer Director Corey Pearson
Making the film was quite the journey for Corey. "Like every film, we had our fair share of challenges.  We spent many days shooting in remote locations with extreme weather, language barriers and a few hospital visits but it was all worth it."
Corey is also the founder of Rhythmic Films who produced the film alongside HJ Production from Indonesia. Rhythmic Films has established itself as a progressive and cutting edge production company able to work within Indonesia and South East Asia.
"Indonesia is full of incredible locations and talented people, both in front of and behind the camera. The industry there is growing rapidly and I'm excited to be a part of that growth," says Corey.
Message Man  (Still)
Message Man  (Still)
Stay tuned for the machete swinging, sniper shooting, knife slicing MESSAGE MAN screening in select theatres across Australia from 8th March.

The Trailer:

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