15 March 2018

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Singer Rayko Steps Up To Fight Abuse With Gender Genocide - An Anthem For Women Today

It is impossible to view the news without hearing of women (and others) being sexually exploited in the entertainment industry, in government, at school, at home, or at work. Singer/Songwriter Rayko of Lolita Dark has responded with Gender Genocide, a rousing anthem supporting female empowerment.

Rayko speaks up against the abuse of women with her hard-hitting Pop/Rap song, Gender Genocide
Rayko speaks up against the abuse of women with her hard-hitting Pop/Rap song, Gender Genocide
While abuse of women by men in authority positions is both terrifying and hurtful, today more and more of us are emboldened to tell their stories – with their demands for change more powerful than ever. (#MeToo, indeed!) And now that fight has an anthem –  thanks to Rayko, front woman of epic rock band Lolita Dark and Franki K Music, her collaborator and co-writer. Today they announced the release of Gender Genocide, a new single that tackles these issues head-on; the song's cut-to-the-point lyrics and intensity are clearly based not simply on observation, but also on personal experience.
"I'm known as an emotional performer and this topic comes straight from the heart," commented Rayko. "I hope that Gender Genocide will help to boost spirits and empower women to know they don't have to accept mistreatment. And that they can stand up and fight – and win. The world is changing; no one who has been abused needs to remain silent any longer."
Gender Genocide's lyrics explode with energy, anger and passion-for-the-cause: "You mighty moguls/Big men in town/You degraded and hurt us/You bullied and beat us down/Vipers! Parasites! Monsters!/All you do is lie/Soul Suicide/Gender Genocide!"
Gender Genocide is intended as a popular anthem to be used by organizations and individuals committed to empowering women. The song is available for Radio Play, Artist Performance, Film, Television and Commercial Licensing. (DJ Note: "Clean" version - also available.) Published by A-1 Tunz (ASACP).

Rayko makes a strong statement about women's empowerment in Gender Genocide
Rayko is a Tokyo-born, Los Angeles-based composer, bilingual vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist. Noted for her diverse musical styles, she enjoys influences from across the entire musical spectrum. Rayko has not stopped writing since her very first pop piano composition at age five. Today, her library consists of hundreds of songs -- representing styles from ABBA to Zappa.
Franki K Music is a Los Angeles-based songwriter/lyricist creating eclectic musical styles that connect with diverse audiences.
Lolita Dark includes musicians Rain Balen and Joey Felix, and is best known for its unique symphonic rock sound. The group has built a large following both in the US and across Asia, where they are signed to a recording contract with Sparks Japan (distribution via Universal Records). Producer Arif Hodzic rounds out the Gender Genocide team.

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