18 April 2018

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"A Different Kind Of Fire And Fury; Revenge" - A Timely, High-Octane Revenge Thriller For The #MeToo Era

Book launch for "A Different Kind Of Fire And Fury; Revenge", the #1 KDP mystery, thriller & suspense - police procedural novel. #9 in Germany, #8 in France, #2 in Canada, and #4 in Japan and Australia

"A Different Kind Of Fire And Fury; Revenge" - Book Cover
"A Different Kind Of Fire And Fury; Revenge" - Cover
Julie Reichwein's new thriller is a raw revenge fantasy where fiction meets the real-world fight to stop sexual assault. 
The story begins as Detective Michelle Velasquez is assigned to two cases, the first of which is the rape of financial company intern Maria Acevedo. The second is a 30-year-old murder case involving her former friend, Susie Murphy.
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Detective Michelle Velasquez kicks ass with the Santa Fe Police Department, and she’ll need all her moxie May, 2013 as she’s assigned two cases which may be related. She’s assigned a vicious rape case of Maria Acevedo, an intern with the Jones Financial Group, as she gets a call from an old friend, Richard Stanberry III. He’s intent on re-connecting, but she’s suspicious of his motives for good reason. 

As she digs into Maria Acevedo’s rape case, she’s assigned a thirty year old murder case of her former friend, Susie Murphy, who happened to be Richard Stanberry III’s girlfriend at the time of her murder. If Detective Velasquez wants to solve both cases, she’s going to have to put her life on the line to uncover some dark secrets that some prefer to stay buried.
The Trailer:
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Some Of The Reactions About the Book:
"Like the Uma Thurman revenge thriller Kill Bill, Reichwein's narrative is full-bore from the get-go…The title is an apt description for the raw emotion on display in this most unusual and effective novel." - Bestthrillers.com Book Review
"A classy and edgy debut for Reichwein and one that's sure to get her noticed by avid readers of the genre... A sure sign of a bestseller the forward momentum is relentless as Detective Michelle Velasquezfinds herself drawn into a web of lies and misdirection and whilst Reichwein may be new to the genre she's clearly adept at revealing her characters' emotions…Readers who like James Patterson will find this certainly hits the mark…."
"With her sights clearly set on the genre's bestsellers, Reichwein has come out fighting with a series that has huge potential and A Different Kind Of Fire And Fury; Revenge is highly recommended." - Bookviral.com Book Review
"Author Julie Reichwein has put together a gripping, relentless, super fast psychological thriller and I wouldn't expect less when it comes to... revenge! She did a thorough research about the different characters, for instance, sexual assailants and their psychology. The characters souls are masterfully exposed in their sick, gritty, dirty and dark glory…Reichwein is very good also when it comes to describing scenes, she makes it look effortless as she uses the exact right amount of description – not wordy but also not lacking in detail, this will make the reader easily visualize the scene in his/her mind. This novel features strong language and it is sexually charged."  - Circleofbooks.com 5 star review
About The Author:
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Author, Julie Reichwein, is a resident of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and was inspired to write her first book because of her interest in criminal psychology. Reichwein has been a life long reader and some of her favorite authors are Nelson DeMille, Paula Hawkins, Gillian Flynn, Tess Geritsen, David Baldacci, Janet Evanovich, Patricia Cornwell, Robert B. Parker, John Grisham and Dennis Leheane.
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SOURCE: Julie Reichwein

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