21 June 2018

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Five Mutants We Want To See Appear in The Gifted

"Being the daughter of Jean Grey and Scott Summers, Rachel doesn't have much room to appear in other X-Men related media because it may mean a warped storyline. But due to the alternate-timeline nature of The Gifted where we don't see or know what happens to Jean or Scott, it could mean an opportunity for the show to include this powerful telepath and explore her as a character..."

The Gifted.
The Gifted. (© 2017 Fox & its related entities. All Rights Reserved.)
The TV series, which premiered in October 2017, is connected to the X-Men film series but takes place in an alternate universe where the X-Men have all disappeared and humans fear, distrust, and even hate mutants. 
The show focuses on the Strucker family -- Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer), a district attorney and mutant prosecutor, his wife Caitlin (Amy Acker), and their kids Andy (Percy Hynes White) and Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind).
Viewers follow the Struckers as they go on the run when they discover that their children are actually mutants and have been targeted by the very government that their father works for. 
Running from the government, however, proves to be a gargantuan challenge because Sentinel services agent named Turner (Coby Bell) always seems to be a few steps behind them. 
The Struckers then have no choice but to seek help from the Mutant Underground for protection.
The show's first season which is on FOX+ proved to be a hit with Marvel and X-Men fans, receiving positive feedback and praise from critics as well. Reviewers lauded the show for tackling timely topics and straying away from overused superhero tropes. 
Fans are also excited about the mutants that star the series such as Blink, Polaris, Thunderbird, and the Strucker siblings -- mutants who otherwise have had minimal or even no exposure in the Marvel film or television universe.

The Gifted - Poster
The Gifted - Poster
Because the show explores lesser-known mutants, here are a few more super humans whose appearance we feel would be great in The Gifted:
1. Callisto
If the challenge on hand is going underground in order to escape from humans, the Morlocks would rise to that challenge the best. So who's better to help out the Strucker family than the leader of the MorlocksCallisto ­­-­ a mutant with super strength, speed, and amplified senses. 
While Callisto has made an appearance on screen in X-Men: The Last Stand, a bigger role that is more aligned with the comics may await her should she be written into The Gifted.
2. Forge
As an often overlooked and underestimated mutant, Forge has the ability to be extremely brilliant at technology and inventing things. His resourcefulness and smartness are exactly what could help propel an underground resistance team and bolster their chances at winning the fight. 
From armor to weapons to traps, Forge could prove to be an extremely important part of the team.
3. Kid Omega
This mischievous psychic is known for being a troublemaker and for being incredibly powerful. His irreverent punk lifestyle and attitude makes him an interesting fit for resisting against humans. 
While his appearance could also mean trouble for the Mutant Underground, it will be an undeniably interesting mix.
4. Boom-boom
On the note of being mischievous and roguish, Boom-boom (also known as Time Bomb, Boomer, or Meltdown) is a great fit. With an outcast backstory, Boom-boom has the ability to create small orbs of mental energy that explode destructively. 
Her rebellious attitude together with her powers can create a great ally for the Mutant Underground.
5. Rachel Summers
Being the daughter of Jean Grey and Scott Summers, Rachel doesn't have much room to appear in other X-Men related media because it may mean a warped storyline. 
But due to the alternate-timeline nature of The Gifted where we don't see or know what happens to Jean or Scott, it could mean an opportunity for the show to include this powerful telepath and explore her as a character.
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