12 June 2018

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Four Reasons Why Homeland's Carrie Mathison is One of Our Favorite TV Leads

Highly praised spy thriller TV series Homeland has been going strong for 7 seasons -- and at the heart of the story is Carrie Mathison

Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in Homeland.
Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in Homeland. (© 2018 Showtime Networks, Inc., a CBS Company. All rights reserved)
Since its premiere in 2011, the American thriller Homeland has gone on winning both the hearts of viewers and accolades from the entertainment industry. The first season was met with near universal acclaim and was named the best show of 2011 by TV Guide. 
To date, Homeland (which is available on FOX+) has won Outstanding Drama Series, Lead Actor, Lead Actress, and Writing Emmy awards across the span of its run.
The show centers on CIA agent Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) and U.S Marine Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis). 

The premise of the first season focused on agent Mathison's obsession with Brody's potential "threat" to the US after he had come home from being captured by Al-Qaeda.The series then evolves from this main storyline as new seasons came in.
Fans and critics have praised the show's exhilarating plot and gripping writing, but many have also credited the series' success to Claire Danes' performance as Carrie Mathison
Here are a few reasons why this agent is one of our favorite TV leads:
1.  She follows her instincts and gets things done
Part of why Carrie Mathison does so well as an agent is because even though constantly being doubted by her colleagues and peers, she takes the initiative to do things on her own. 
In the first season, she trusted her gut and conducted her own investigations, which led her team to helpful answers.
2.  She goes to great lengths to help those she loves
Without revealing too many spoilers, one of Carrie Mathison's most defining traits is what she will do to help out a colleague or someone she cares for -- whether it's protecting them, helping prove their innocence, or saving them from terrorists.
3.  She is flawed and deals with her own demons
Many viewers enjoy Carrie Mathison as a character because of how real, raw, and human she is. A lot of this can be chalked up to how often she makes mistakes on the show, how her flaws are often flaunted, and how she deals with it -- even makes the best of it -- anyway. 
From a dark family past to her constant struggle with her bipolar disorder to choices she's made that cost the lives of others, there is a lot of humanity and pain in her.
4.  She always puts the mission first
Despite all the setbacks and character flaws that Carrie is burdened with, one big reason why she is so riveting to watch and why audiences feel invested in her is because she has a true sense of determination and purpose. 
Throughout the series, her convictions are always being tested but the fire in her to do what is right and complete her missions always bring her through.
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