2 July 2018

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Almost 90, This Chicana Hidden Figure Shapes The Future With Her Courageous Past

Uncompromised: The Lupe Anguiano Story, The Unsung Hero.

"Uncompromised: The Lupe Anguiano Story"
"Uncompromised: The Lupe Anguiano Story" - Front Cover
"There is a new biography, Uncompromised: The Lupe Anguiano Story, recently published about a Chicana who has been an activist for 60 years.  Her book should be used in Chicana/Chicano Studies and Women's Studies throughout the country," says Lora Jo Foo (Author, Attorney, Activist).
Lupe was a Catholic nun for 15 years only to be forced out of the order when she became involved in the Prop 64 fight against housing discrimination and wearing her habit, picketed the Cardinal's office in protest of the church's position.  

She and Dolores Huerta were the highest-ranking female organizers in the early years of the UFW.  Gloria Steinem and Bella Abzug were her contemporaries and she worked with them to form the National Women's Political Caucus and for passage of the ERA.  

She did amazing work in San Antonio, Texas on getting women off welfare and into sustainable jobs and her program was replicated in Washington StateColoradoNew York, etc.  She worked in Washington, D.C. for the Johnson and Carter administrations.  She is an incredible woman who in the 1960s was grappling with both Mexican-American and feminist issues.  

This year she turned 89 and is still very active.  

In 2015, when she was 85 she gave Ms. Foo an environmental toxic tour of Oxnard in Ventura County.  "This is an amazing woman whose story needs to get out there," said Ms. Foo.

Lupe Anguiano, UFW, Circa 1968
Lupe Anguiano, UFW, Circa 1968
The scope of this book is the life of Lupe Anguiano from birth until the age of 80. It was compiled from fifty exclusive recorded interviews conducted with Lupe and key people in her life by Debora Wright
Some of these interviews were conducted while traveling with Lupe to the places of her childhood as well as to San Antonio, the site of her most significant life experience. 
These transcribed interviews were further augmented by an in-depth study of the Lupe Anguiano papers archived at the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center. 
Author Debora Wright uses her keen sense of history and her subject's own words to reveal Lupe Anguiano's loves, sacrifices, victories, failures and deepest thoughts.  
By far her most successful achievement was in the area of Welfare Reform. Lupe believed that welfare was a trap and disrespectful of women. She gained national media recognition including a "Getting Off Welfare" segment on "60 Minutes" presented by Harry Reasoner and she received the support of several presidents for her groundbreaking work in welfare reform that spread throughout the United States
Lupe Anguiano's solution to welfare is still relevant today. And in fact, the Center for Work Education and Employment (CWEE) in Colorado is thriving by following the model Lupe developed over 35 years ago.
The book includes the adulatory remarks of Gloria Steinem and Henry Cisneros at the Lupe Anguiano Archive Event at UCLA.
Uncompromised: The Lupe Anguiano Story is available on Amazon.com
⏩ 50% of all revenue from Amazon sales of Uncompromised: The Lupe Anguiano Story go to The Lupe Anguiano Leadership Scholarship Fund at UCLA to support undergraduate and graduate students at UCLA who are the next generation of leaders working toward the advancement of Mexican Americans in society.

Debbie Wright - Author of "Uncompromised: The Lupe Anguiano Story"
Debbie Wright - Author of "Uncompromised: The Lupe Anguiano Story" (image via lupeanguiano.com)
About the Author:
(Via lupeanguiano.com)
Debbie Wright, a native of Pittsburgh, PA, has been a news writer in the fields of finance, education, food and restaurants, an industrial film producer, an executive producer of automotive shows, a marketing executive, and continues to write while also working as a Regional Finance Market Manager for a major car manufacturer. 

When Debbie met and got to know the remarkable Lupe Anguiano several years ago, she realized that she had to use her writing skills and experience to tell the story of this unsung heroine and her courageous fight for equality, justice and dignity for all. 

Debbie lives in Thousand Oaks, CA with her husband Steve.
SOURCE: Debora Wright

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