23 October 2018

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Holy Top Seventeen Misleading Job Titles, Batman!

Batman, Digital Overlord, Scrum Master -- No, They're Not Halloween Costumes, They're Your Next Job

Top Misleading Job Titles
 Top Misleading Job Titles (Image via FitSmallBusiness.com)
Smutter. Key Hanger. Chick Sexer. You might expect to see these on t-shirts in a mall, but these are actual job titles – and not what you think.
With the right training, you too can be a Digital Overlord, a Comb Capper, or even a Batman (bat ears not included). Or if you skew to the more bizarre: A Bunghole Borer, Scrum Master, or a Back-end Specialist -- these jobs exist. But don't take their titles literally.

FitSmallBusiness.com, the digital business publication, decided to help set things straight for the confused job seeker. The publication scoured the web and broke down some of the most confusing and entertaining job titles that are not what they appear.

These Are The Top 17 Most Misleading Job Titles:
1) Expert Upsetter ($11.76 per hour for laborer position to $30.32 per hour for a process engineer role.) 
Expert Upsetter
"Expert Upsetter" (Image via FitSmallBusiness.com)
No, this isn't a job for those who like to create drama – this position is for someone who sets up and operates a closed-die forging metal machine.

2) Bunghole Borer ($30,814 to $49,738 per year.)  
Bunghole Borer
Bunghole Borer (Image via FitSmallBusiness.com)
It sounds pretty crude, but this position is for someone who sets up and operates a boring machine (to bore holes in wooden parts – what else?).

3) Evangelist ($44,957 to $83,528 per year.)  
"Evangelist" (Image via FitSmallBusiness.com)
Yeah, not a preacher. This position is actually slapped on for a lot of titles from sales and marketing titles to human resource jobs. A community evangelist, for example, is someone who advocates for a company brand.

4) Smutter ($18,040 to $32,000 per year.)  
"Smutter" (Image via FitSmallBusiness.com)
Not a position for a role in a porn movie, this title is responsible for tending the grain machines that clean up things like dirt, smut and rust from grain after it's been harvested. Feel a little embarrassed now?

5) Chick Sexer (Up to $60,000 per year.)  
"Chick Sexer" (Image via FitSmallBusiness.com)
The only "sex" that factors into this job involves distinguishing the sex of the chicken and other hatchlings right after they're hatched. Believe it or not, it's getting more and more difficult to find quality sexers since the best chicken sexers only boast a 95 percent accuracy rate.

6) Key Hanger (An average of $27,689 per year.)  
"Key Hanger" (Image via FitSmallBusiness.com)
Wouldn't it be nice to take this job at face value? This title is reserved for those who hold the key to a retail establishment. More succinctly, the key hanger is a store manager or assistant manager who holds one of three keys to a store. Feel a little silly?

7) Penetration Tester (Up to $112,141 per year.)  
Penetration Tester
"Penetration Tester" (Image via FitSmallBusiness.com)
Giggles aside, this job title involves testing a computer system, network or web application to identify any vulnerability from hackers. This position is also referred to as "ethical hacker."  

8) Combat Advisor ($15.11 per hour, to $100.00 per hour.)  
Combat Advisor
"Combat Advisor" (Image via FitSmallBusiness.com)
Not a military position, this job title refers to a video game designer who specializes in creating virtual combat sequences.  

9) Erection Engineer ($32,877 to $74,927 per year.)  
Erection Engineer
"Erection Engineer" (Image via FitSmallBusiness.com)
This person oversees everything that goes into erecting major infrastructure and skyscrapers. They handle budgetary concerns, time management, supply cycles and safety compliance.

10) Scrum Master ($82,000 to $120,500 per year.)  
Scrum Master
"Scrum Master" (Image via FitSmallBusiness.com)
Sounds dirty, but in this role, you would be facilitating team management structures by allowing groups to self-organize and stay agile.  

11) Back-end Specialist (An average of $42,153 per year.) 
Back-end Specialist
"Back-end Specialist" (Image via FitSmallBusiness.com)
This can refer to one of many job positions in departments ranging from web design to marketing.

12) Batman ($24,000 to $57,000 per year.)  
"Batman" (Image via FitSmallBusiness.com)
Put away your costume, this position has nothing to do with fighting crime. A batman is a historical term for a personal aide to a commissioned officer – like a valet. The modern term is usually a personal assistant.  

13) Specialty Artist (Between $15.19 and $20.27 per hour.)  
Specialty Artist
"Specialty Artist" (Image via FitSmallBusiness.com)
While all artists usually think of themselves as special, this job title refers to makeup artists. Specifically, this position is available through Ulta, the beauty store chain, and is limited to cosmetic artists with experience relating to M A C cosmetics. Other beauty stores offer similar positions under slightly different titles like Beauty Advisor.  

14) Digital Overlord 
(An average salary of $73,975 per year.)  

Digital Overlord
"Digital Overlord" (Image via FitSmallBusiness.com)
Not a video game character, this is a job title used by companies who are searching for an experienced, qualified website manager.  

15) Records Distribution Professional (An average of $37,355 per year.)  
Records Distribution Professional
"Records Distribution Professional" (Image via FitSmallBusiness.com)
Sounds fancy, but this is an ultra descriptive term for an office mail clerk.  

16) Comb Capper (From $10,400 to $72,000 per year.)  
Comb Capper
"Comb Capper" (Image via FitSmallBusiness.com)
You don't work in a hair salon for this job.  This position works with bees and honeycombs. A comb capper cuts the caps from commercial honeycombs, breaks the comb seals with a scraper, and lifts the honeycomb frames before placing them in the honey extractor.

17) Tonsorial Artist (An average salary of $27,808 per year, with some earning more than $47,000 with tips.)  
Tonsorial Artist
"Tonsorial Artist" (Image via FitSmallBusiness.com)
Having nothing to do with tonsils, the tonsorial artist is a fancy name for a barber or hair stylist. 

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