30 October 2018

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Satirical Christmas Stories Featuring President Trump Launched On Kickstarter

"A Non-Partisan fun look at 24 Christmas stories Donald Trump would tell his children"

"The Christmas Hoax" (Trump's 24 Days of Christmas)
"The Christmas Hoax" (Trump's 24 Days of Christmas)
President Trump is one of the most controversial people in the world right now. No matter what he says or does, someone has something to say about it. As a result of this controversy, a new collection of Christmas stories has been published by We Just What, Inc.
"Trump's 24 Days of Christmas" is a collection of 24 children's stories written from the point-of-view of United States President, Donald Trump. As such, the stories have a political angle, though it's only visible to adults as well as older children who have learned about politics.
The book is rated PG - Partisan Guidance Suggested! The 24 stories take a fun look at the news stories we have been bombarded with over the last 2 years. However, the stories are never judgmental. The stories can be read to children by parents or parents can choose to let the children read the stories out loud.
"This is a great tradition to start," comments the author of the books, Amin El-Gazzar. "Children can read a different story each night leading up to Christmas morning. And parents can start a fun conversation with their kids about the craziness going on all around us."
The stories are entertaining, with tales of what's going on at the North Pole. The character lineup throughout the stories includes Santa (as President Trump) and Mrs. Claus (as the First Lady), his head elf (Layla – as Kellyanne Conway), the reindeer, some penguins, and plenty of elves who have a lot of responsibilities in order to get ready for Christmas Eve when Santa takes to the sky in his sleigh to deliver presents.
"Pledge allegiance to the flag of the North Pole..." (Trump's 24 Days of Christmas)
"Pledge allegiance to the flag of the North Pole..." (Trump's 24 Days of Christmas)
The book will be just as popular with adults as it will be for kids. "I'd highly recommend any adult to get their hands on the book just to place on the coffee table. It's definitely going to be a conversation starter," comments Amin El-Gazzar.
Trump's 24 Days of Christmas
Trump's 24 Days of Christmas
A Kickstarter page has been created to help get the necessary funding. Whether you love or hate President Trump - anyone will enjoy reading the book and they can choose to fund the project for any amount. 

By choosing to fund the Kickstarter, it also enables people to reserve their copy of the book to ensure that they have it in their hands by December 1, 2018.

For those who are interested in the Kickstarter, the launch is happening now. Visit theKickstarter page at 24DaysOfChristmas.com. The goal is to get all of the funds in place as early as possible so that the book is live in time for the Christmas season.
SOURCE: We Just What, Inc

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