11 March 2019

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Experience The Cult Horror Game, "White Day," Through VR In The Latest Title: "White Day: Courage Test"

"The sense of realism that you are in a night-school will make you feel as if you have become the main character of a horror movie..."

Experience the cult horror game, "White Day," through VR.
Experience the cult horror game, "White Day," through VR.
Initially released in 2001, White Day -- A Labyrinth Named School, is a renowned cult horror classic game, which is now making a comeback as a VR game. Sonnori has announced that it will be launching a new title in the White Day series: White Day: Courage Test.

The White Day series was initially released as a PC game in 2001. It was also released as a paid mobile app, which has had over 600,000 downloads. The White Day series was also released for PS4 and Steam.

  • Specifically designed for VR theme parks, White Day: Courage Test has been developed using the latest Unreal Engine and VR optimized game play to be a motion-based game providing an extremely immersive experience.
When the game begins, the player is a student who has entered the school at night as a part of a school club's test of courage. He/she explores the school, looking for various hidden items, while also trying to find the way out of the school. Strange things begin to happen during game play.

With a focused composition optimized for VR theme parks and programmed "randomness," White Day: Courage Test offers fresh entertainment for repeat players. 

Also, the visual and sound effects that perfectly recreate a school at night provide horror-filled fun that differentiates White Day from other VR horror games.

White Day: Courage Test features a tutorial that guides the player from the start about how to play the game, eliminating the need for training staff and making game operation in VR theme parks a lot easier.

  • White Day: Courage Test differs from normal VR theme park games because only one person can wear the VR head-mounted display (HMD). However, in White Day: Courage Test, users can interact with other players during game play. Secondary players can hide or move objects in the game via a wirelessly connected tablet PC, getting in the way of the main player or challenging the main player to a battle of wits. 
White Day: Courage Test is a new game that aims to maximize the attraction of the White Day series. Its quality outranks any horror game that may be enjoyed in the general VR theme park. Users can uniquely interact with other users through the "dual play" setting. 
An official at Sonnori said, "Currently, we are focusing on sales of the B2B version for the VR theme park. We have tested it in Korea over the past year and it has been upgraded into a more stable version. We will work with our international partners to distribute the game globally."
 Visit the White Day: Courage Test Introduction Page for more info.

SOURCE: Sonnori

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